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The Equity Research Analyst Job: The Best Escape from a Ph.D. Program, or a Pathway into the Abyss?

Equity Research Analyst Role: Job Description, Day in the Life, Salary, Hours, Exit Opportunities, Pros, and Cons, and Long-Term Outlook.

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Opportunistic Real Estate: An Undiscovered Gem, or Another WeWork Waiting to Happen?

Opportunistic Real Estate: Example Deals, Returns and Cash Flow Profiles in the Sector, and Reasons to Invest in These Deal Types.

The Investment Banking Certification: The Most Useless Idea in the World?

Investment Banking Certification: Why "Certifications" for IB Aren't That Useful, and the Few Tests That Might Give You a Boost in the Recruiting Process.

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The Future of Sales & Trading, 2019 Edition: Should You Still Go into the Industry?

The Future of Sales & Trading in 2019: Should You Still Go Into the Industry? Overview of the Best Roles and Desks in S&T at Banks.

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The Hedge Fund Analyst Job: The Complete Guide

Hedge Fund Analyst: Detailed Guide to the Hours, Salary and Bonus Levels, Work and Education Requirements, and Recruiting. Day-in-the-Life Account.

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The Private Equity Internship: The Best Steppingstone Role into the Finance Industry?

Private Equity Internships: How to Find and Win Them, How to Use Them to Win Full-Time Offers, and the Advantages and Disadvantages vs. Other Internships.

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Growth Equity: Full Tutorial and Sample Case Study

Growth Equity: Industry Overview, Recruiting, Careers, and Sample Excel-Based Case Study with Commentary, Solutions, and Video Tutorial.

The Investment Banking Managing Director: King of the Jungle, or Tragic Hero?

Investment Banking Managing Director: Career Overview, Day in the Life, Salaries + Bonuses, Hours and Lifestyle, and Promotions and Exit Opportunities.

Value-Add Real Estate: What Makes It Different, and Why You Should Invest – Maybe

Value-Add Real Estate: Example Deals, Returns and Cash Flow Profiles in the Sector, and Reasons to Invest in These Deal Types.

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The Private Equity Associate: Pathway to Glory, or Glorified Monkey?

Private Equity Associate: Job Description and Career Paths, Salaries and Bonuses, A Day in the Life, the Recruiting Process, Exit Opportunities, and More.