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Middle Market Investment Banks: Solid Entry Point into the Industry, or “Plan B” in Recruiting?

Middle Market Investment Banks: Overview of Careers, Deals, and Exit Opportunities, and a List of Middle Market Banks and Explanation of the Term.

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My Top Investing Mistakes of the Past 10 Years

My Top Investing Mistakes of the Past 10 Years: Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, Crypto, and More - and Why Emoions and Paranoia Can Defeat Logic.

The Financial Markets in 2019: What Happened, How I Changed My Portfolio, and My Predictions for the 2020s

2020 Financial Market Outlook: Review of What Happened in 2019, Current Portfolio Allocations, and Predictions for the Next Decade.

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The Private Equity Resume: How to Write Your Way into Interviews and Job Offers at the Mega-Funds

Private Equity Resume Templates in Word (.docx) Format for Investment Bankers and Consultants Moving into Private Equity Associate Roles.

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Hedge Fund Internships: The Best Way to Become Your Quantified Self?

Hedge Fund Internships: Full Description, Daily Tasks, Funds That Offer Internships, and how to Network and Interview for These Roles.

The Elite Boutique Investment Banks: The Rising Upstarts That Disrupted the Old Guard?

Elite Boutique Investment Banks: Full List of Qualifying Banks, Careers and Deal Types, and Pros and Cons of Working at These Firms.

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From Investment Banking to Freelance Financial Modeling: The Undiscovered Exit Opportunity

Freelance Financial Modeling: How to Get Started and Leverage the Investment Banking and Corporate Finance Skill Set to Win Clients.

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Bulge Bracket Banks: The Dream of Aspiring Bankers Everywhere?

Bulge Bracket Banks: Overview, Ranking, and Pros and Cons of Working at BB Banks Rather than Elite Boutiques, Middle Market Banks, or Regional Boutiques.

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The Equity Research Analyst Job: The Best Escape from a Ph.D. Program, or a Pathway into the Abyss?

Equity Research Analyst Role: Job Description, Day in the Life, Salary, Hours, Exit Opportunities, Pros, and Cons, and Long-Term Outlook.

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Opportunistic Real Estate: An Undiscovered Gem, or Another WeWork Waiting to Happen?

Opportunistic Real Estate: Example Deals, Returns and Cash Flow Profiles in the Sector, and Reasons to Invest in These Deal Types.