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This page shows you the most recent blog posts, podcasts, and videos on M&I. If you’ve been reading the site for a long time, and you want to catch up on recent additions, start with the list below:

Corporate Development Recruiting: The Definitive Guide

Corporate Development Recruiting: What It Is, Who Wins Interviews, How to Network, and How to Answer Interview Questions and Case Studies.

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How to Get into Investment Banking (Updated For 2019)

How to Get into Investment Banking: Our Comprehensive 6,000-Word Guide to the Investment Banking Recruiting Process, Including Networking and Interviews.

Public Pension Fund Investment Management: Interviews, Jobs, and More

Pension Fund Investment Management: Industry Overview, Recruiting and Interviews, Jobs and Salary Information, and Exit Opportunities.

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How to Spin Your Way to Success in Investment Banking: 2018 Edition

How to Spin Your Way to Investment Banking Success: Leveraging Offers, Exaggerating Your Experience, Explaining Return Offers, Resume Gaps, and Low GPAs.

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How to Conquer the Super-Early Investment Banking Recruiting Timeline and Win Offers – Even If You’re at a Non-Target University

Investment Banking Recruiting Timeline: What to Expect in Super-Early Recruiting, and How to Network, Interview, and Win Offers Successfully.

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Mezzanine Funds: Private Equity Lite, or Top-Tier Buy-Side Opportunity?

Mezzanine Funds: What They Do, How They Differ from Private Equity Funds, How to Recruit and Interview for Them, and Exit Opportunities.

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From Non-Target Engineer to Investment Banking: How to Make the Leap

Non-Target Engineer to Investment Banking: How to Network, Get the Required Internships, Interview, and Win Offers Coming from a Non-Target School.

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Investment Banking Pitch Books: Design, Examples & Templates

Investment Banking Pitch Books: How to structure buy-side and sell-side pitch books, including downloadable PPT, PPTX and PDF samples and templates.

Brazil Sales and Trading: What to Expect in FX and Derivatives Sales

Brazil Sales and Trading: How the Industry Works, How to Interview for Roles and Win Offers, and What It's Like to Trade and Sell FX and Derivatives.

Investment Banking Interview Questions and Answers: The Definitive Guide

How to answer Investment Banking Interview Questions, including all the "fit" and technical questions that interviewers tend to ask at investment banks.

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