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Management Consulting vs Investment Banking: The Eternal Battle

I’m going to start this article with a confession: I don’t particularly care about the management consulting vs investment banking debate. I’m so far removed from it (I haven’t set foot in an office in over a decade) that it feels like ancient history at this point. But that also gives me an advantage because […]
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Merchant Banking: The Most Overlooked Group in Finance?

Ask the average undergrad or MBA student at a top school where they want to work, and frequent answers will be “investment banking” and “private equity” – but merchant banking rarely comes up. And that’s odd because merchant banking (MB) is a combination of those two other industries. It’s fair to say that MB is […]
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Boutique Investment Banks: The Full Guide

When it comes to boutique investment banks, there’s so much confusion online that I don’t know where to start. But it’s logical to address the most serious problem first – namely, that there are four major categories of “boutique banks,” and they are each quite different: Elite Boutique Banks (EBs) Up-and-Coming Elite Boutiques (UCEBs) Industry-Specific […]
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Middle Market Investment Banks: Solid Entry Point, or “Plan B”?

When it comes to middle market investment banks, you should take online commentary and discussions with a grain of salt. People online tend to take everything to extremes: Bank X is the best company ever, or Bank Y is the worst firm in human history. But the reality is more complicated, and so are the […]
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The Elite Boutique Investment Banks: The Rising Upstarts That Disrupted the Old Guard?

If you received a job offer at Goldman Sachs or Morgan Stanley, would you be crazy to turn it down? For many years, the answer would have been “yes” – especially if you turned it down to work at a smaller bank. But in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis, that began to change. […]
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Bulge Bracket Banks: The Dream of Aspiring Bankers Everywhere?

Ah, yes, the bulge bracket banks: another topic where everyone on the internet has copied and pasted the same information into copycat articles. This article will start with a quick summary of all that, but then we’ll move into the more interesting questions: Are the bulge bracket banks still worth it? Should you focus on […]
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Top Investment Banks: Rankings of Banks by Tier and Category

When it comes to the top investment banks, I’m a huge fan of ranking everything imaginable. From schools to restaurants to investment banks, what’s the point of life unless you’re constantly comparing yourself to others? Just kidding – it’s a massive waste of time. Despite that, it is helpful to know about the different types of banks, […]
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Buy-Side vs Sell-Side: The Worst Way to Categorize Finance Firms?

“Buy-side vs sell-side? That’s not even a question! This investment banking job sucks, I’m leaving for the buy-side ASAP.” “Yeah, I heard everyone at hedge funds makes at least $1 million and gets a castle as their signing bonus.” “So when’s your interview?” Ah, yes: that classic debate about the buy-side vs sell-side. Although the […]
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