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Stock Pitch Guide: How to Pitch a Stock in Hedge Fund Interviews and Win Offers

Numi Advisory is an expert in hedge fund and equity research recruiting, having advised over 600 clients by providing career coaching, mock interviews, and resume reviews for people seeking jobs in equity research, private equity, investment management, and hedge funds (full bio at the bottom of this article). If you want to know how to […]
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How to Get a Job at a Hedge Fund: Hedge Fund Recruiting

When it comes to how to get a job at a hedge fund, real information is tough to find. Part of that is intentional: hedge fund recruiting, is less structured than investment banking interviews or private equity recruiting. Also, many hedge funds are not interested in broadly marketing themselves to candidates. As a result, it’s […]
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How to Pitch a Bank Stock (FIG) – and Profit Handsomely When You’re Right

Does the M&I stock pitch template work for any industry? You might think: “Well, maybe for the standard ones… healthcare, technology, consumer/retail… but for really different industries, you need something different.” Wrong! The most different industry is easily financial institutions (FIG), and commercial banks and insurance firms more specifically. Accounting is different, valuation is different, […]
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Pre-MBA Internship Case Study: Getting A Head Start On The Competition

“There are three ways to make a living on Wall Street – be first, be smarter, or cheat.” -John Tuld, Margin Call It’s one of my favorite quotes from Margin Call… because it’s mostly true. But if you’re applying for IB/PE/HF jobs at the MBA level, this statement doesn’t quite hold up. After all, you […]
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How to Prepare an Oil & Gas Stock Pitch – and Prevent Disaster When It Goes Wrong

The stock pitch. It might just be the most critical part of any hedge fund or asset management interview… And we even published a detailed article on how to pitch stocks. As an added bonus, there was an exceptional interview with one reader on oil & gas modeling case studies and stock pitches, where he […]
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From Oil & Gas Investment Banking to Energy Hedge Fund: How to Make the Leap and Dominate Your Case Studies

So, what does it really take to dominate case studies and stock pitches in hedge fund interviews? And how can you move from a specific industry group in investment banking (oil & gas) to a hedge fund or private equity firm with a similar focus? The answer, as it turns out, is “Modeling out ultra-deep […]
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From M&A Boutique Bank to Distressed Hedge Fund: How to Make the Leap, Part 1

Hedge funds: the dream of every aspiring financier (or at least, most of them). And when the market tanks and companies start failing left and right, distressed hedge funds become even shinier and more attractive than plain vanilla hedge funds. But since they’re so secretive, it’s also hard to find much information on breaking in, […]
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How to Break Into Asset Management in Germany – from a Part-Time, Non-Target, Distance Learning MBA Program

So, what about those part-time MBA programs? Do banks and finance firms take them seriously, even if they’re online? What about continental Europe recruiting vs. the UK? Today you’ll learn about those and other topics from a reader who recently broke into the finance industry in Germany. This reader also did an internship at a […]
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