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Case Studies

We’ve published many free case studies on financial modeling, stock pitches, investment recommendations, and more. You can find the full list by category below:

You can find stock pitch templates, tutorials, and example stock pitches for different industries in this section. The stock pitch is critical if you want to work at a hedge fund, so you must master the research, analysis, and presentation.

You’ll find example investment recommendations, LBO and growth equity models, and tutorials for specific aspects of LBO modeling, such as modeling add-on acquisitions, in this section. You’ll always get a case study of some sort in private equity or growth equity interviews, so you need to be proficient in answering these questions.

Investment banking case studies tend to be more about valuation and advising companies on their best options (e.g., selling, acquiring another company, or raising capital). They’re a bit less important than case studies for buy-side roles, but they have become increasingly common over the years and have always been a part of the process at assessment centers in Europe.