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This page shows you the most recent blog posts, podcasts, and videos on M&I. If you’ve been reading the site for a long time, and you want to catch up on recent additions, start with the list below:
Finance to Tech

From Finance to Tech: How to Start a Company, Sell It, and Start an Even Better Company

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Venture Capital Associate

The Venture Capital Associate: Tech + Finance = Overpowered Professional?

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Startup CFO Jobs

How to Become a Startup CFO, and What to Expect on the Job

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Infrastructure Private Equity - Correlations

Infrastructure Private Equity: The Definitive Guide

Infrastructure Private Equity: Deals, Industry Overview, Top Firms, Interview Questions, Modeling Tests, Salaries, and Exit Opportunities.
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Analyst to Associate

Analyst to Associate: Should You Stay in Investment Banking and Grind Your Way Up?

Analyst to Associate: Advantages and Disadvantages of the Direct Promotion, How to Decide, and How to Succeed After You Get Promoted.
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Hedge Fund vs. Mutual Fund

Hedge Fund vs. Mutual Fund: Where Should You Start (and End) Your Career?

Hedge Fund vs. Mutual Fund: Business Models, Long-Term Outlook, Top Firms, Career Paths and Compensation, Recruiting, and More.
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FP&A Manager

The FP&A Manager: The Best Mid-Level Role at Large Companies?

FP&A Manager: Job Description, Salary and Total Compensation, Day in the Life, Recruiting, Promotions, Exit Opportunities, and Pros and Cons.
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Private Equity Strategies

Private Equity Strategies: Growth, Buyouts, Credit, Turnarounds, and Toll Roads to Nowhere

Private Equity Strategies: How Leveraged Buyout Funds Differ from Distressed and Mezzanine Funds, and How They Differ from Growth Equity and Mezzanine.
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Business Valuation Firms

Business Valuation Firms: The Best Backdoor into Investment Banking and Private Equity?

Business Valuation Firms: The Career Path, Salaries and Bonuses, Exit Opportunities, Common "Deal Types," Recruiting, and More.
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AngelList Access Fund Data

AngelList Review: Should You Add Angel Investments to Your Portfolio?

AngelList Review: Should You Add Angel Investments to Your Portfolio? Full Review with Pros and Cons of the AngelList Platform.
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