Private Equity Strategies: Growth, Buyouts, Credit, Turnarounds, and Toll Roads to Nowhere

Private Equity Strategies

When it comes to private equity strategies, everyone usually has the same two questions: “Which one will make me the most money? And how can I break in?”

The answer to the first one is: “In the short term, the large, traditional firms that execute leveraged buyouts of companies still tend to pay the most. But in the long term, it gets more complicated.”

And the answer to the second one is: “Read all about private equity recruitment and interviews on this site.”

But there are also more interesting questions here: Which strategies will be the best going forward? Will private equity continue to attract trillions of dollars?

And will students with no clear goals or ambitions other than “make a lot of money” continue to be obsessed with the industry?

We’ll return to all of those at the end, but let’s start with a quick tour:

Private Equity Strategies