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Private Equity & The Buy-Side

While M&I was originally dedicated to investment banking, we started covering private equity from very early on as well – so there are dozens of articles and interviews related to PE here.

The finance industry will never recover its former “glory,” most likely, but at least if you get into private equity you can still laugh at poor bankers shoving their pitch books at you.

Get everything from how to break in, to interview tips and case study templates, and even information on different groups and regions below.

NOTE: If there’s nothing listed under a particular category here, that means we plan to cover it in the future but do not yet have any articles or interviews on the topic.

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If you didn’t stumble upon this site because you wanted to get into investment banking, chances are you found it when you decided that you wanted to get into private equity:

On the Job

Want to learn how much money you’ll make in private equity? Or what you do on the job, or how you advance up the ladder? This is your category.

Groups & Regions

What it’s like working in different types of PE and investment firms, and in different parts of the world.