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Other Training: Business School, GMAT, Classroom Training, and More

Welcome to the “Other Training” page! (Exciting name, right?)

This is where you’ll find links to training programs that don’t fit into our core categories of interview prep, networking, resume editing/coaching, and online financial modeling training.

Mentors & Personal Coaching

Please note that we do offer 1-on-1 resume/CV editing and coaching services, but they are comprehensive and only intended for professionals with several years of work experience, or for students with significant internship experience.

If that does not describe you but you are still looking for coaching and mentors, you can check out the Evisors Career Advisor Network right here and sign up for career mentoring.

The difference is that the Evisors service is intended more for connecting with professionals and learning more about certain careers, whereas our resume editing and coaching services are more focused on your personal action plan and what you need to do to improve in the recruiting and networking process.

If you’re a university or MBA student who is still in the exploratory phase, definitely check out the Evisors Career Advisor Network as it offers a distinct service and is very useful in its own right.

Business School & the GMAT

OK, so you want to get into a top business school… you need to do 2 things:

  • Take the GMAT and get a great score.
  • Write great essays, get great recommendations, and leverage your background to impress the Adcoms.

For #1, we highly recommend the GMAT Pill, which is similar to the online financial modeling courses we offer, but for the GMAT exam instead.

It’s all video-based instruction, and it’s way more effective, more interesting, and more affordable than those boring in-person test prep sessions that make you want to jump off a cliff into a pool of lava with acidic crocodiles spewing fireballs at you.

You can read more about the GMAT and get more test prep tips by clicking right here.

Now, for point #2: we highly recommend “The HBS Blueprint: A Proprietary Step-by-Step Action Plan,” which teaches you how to get into HBS and or any other top business school.

I (Brian) have read A LOT of b-school admissions guide before, but they generally put me to sleep or make me want to throw the book across the room.

This is an awesome guide filled with NO politically correct BS or generic fluff about “coming across as a well-rounded applicant” and other such nonsense.

Instead, the authors – Roger (HBS) and Jennifer (Sloan) explain very clearly exactly what you have to do to get admitted at all stages of the process.

Sign up for the full HBS Blueprint at masterofbusinessadmissions.com.

You can read one of their guest posts for the site by clicking right here as well.

Sales & Trading Interviews

We recommend the S&T interview guide offered by S&T Careers.com – it was founded by “DerivsTrading,” an experienced flow options trader at a bulge bracket bank who defied the odds to break in coming from a non-target school.

He’s also written a bunch of articles for the site before, including the more detailed and technical coverage of groups within sales & trading.

He offers a comprehensive S&T interview guide that includes 100+ technical (equities, credit, FX, interest rates, and options theory) and behavioral questions, a guide to generating trade ideas, secrets on how to beat the intern “trading game,” and full support and access to a forum where you can ask all your questions and receive answers from professional traders.

Click here to check out the S&T interview guide and sign up.

Assessment Centers & Psychometric Tests

If you’re in Europe, the recruiting process is even less pleasant than it is in the US and other regions because you have to deal with assessment centers, also known as “reality TV shows for getting into finance.”

You’ll have to complete group presentations, case studies, role-playing games (no, not Final Fantasy – think “What would an IB analyst do when he received these emails…?”), and even some “psychometric tests” before or after the assessment center itself…

…And that means that you need extra practice when you’re recruiting in Europe.

To get top-notch practice with numerical, verbal, and logical aptitude tests and assessment centers in general, check out Job Test Prep and all their test prep offerings.

They have our highest recommendation for online tests and assessment center prep – and their courses are the single best way around to prepare for EMEA recruiting.

And if you’re just looking for tips, you can check out our coverage of assessment centers, competency questions, and math/logical/verbal aptitude tests right here.

Classroom Training for Financial Modeling

We really, really like online classes… but hey, maybe you learn better in-person.

Or maybe you also want an internship in investment banking that you can leverage to win future roles and move into the industry.

If that’s you, make sure you check out the in-person training sessions + internships offered by the New York School of Finance.

It has received top reviews from students each year, and if you take it seriously it’s an excellent way to make a career change and move into the finance industry.