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Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that this site started off all the way back in 2007 being 100% about investment banking.

But the article count doesn’t lie: a large plurality of articles and coverage on M&I is still related to good ol’ investment banking, despite financial crises, economic downturns, and the vilification of bankers now deeply embedded in mainstream culture.

Since there are hundreds of articles on investment banking, we’ve broken it down by the 3 major categories – recruiting, on the job, and groups and regions – and then divided each one of those into sub-categories (and sometimes, sub-categories within sub-categories).

NOTE: If there’s nothing listed under a particular category here, that means we plan to cover it in the future but do not yet have any articles or interviews on the topic.

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Yup, it’s probably the reason you stumbled upon this site in the first place: you wanted to get a high-paying and
prestigious job. We break it down for you in this category, from networking to resumes to interviews and “Plan B” options:

On the Job

So maybe you’re really interested in learning what investment bankers do on the job… or maybe you just want to see how much money you’ll make. Either one is fine with us!

Groups & Regions

What it’s like to bank in different groups, different regions, and even in alternate universes such as the back office.