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Financial Modeling

We have a lot of materials on financial modeling, from the online BIWS courses to free tutorials on YouTube and elsewhere on the site.

If you want step-by-step guidance on everything, the online courses we offer are your best bet.

And before you ask about discounts, special offers, or promotions, please see the discounts, coupons, and special offers page.

If you’re looking for introductory-level material or you are not yet interested in gaining an in-depth technical understanding that will help you in interviews, please see all the topics below.

NOTE: If there’s nothing listed under a particular category here, that means we plan to cover it in the future but do not yet have any articles or interviews on the topic.

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Free YouTube Tutorials

These videos are (mostly) shorter clips on specific topics, such as Equity Value vs. Enterprise Value, or how to calculate EBITDA.

Click here to check them out and sign up for our channel.

New videos are added each month, and our long-term goal is to produce 5,000 tutorials in that channel.

Free Written Guides to Industry-Specific Accounting, Valuation, and Financial Modeling

When we launched and re-launched the industry-specific financial modeling courses, we also created several guides on modeling and valuation in each sector: