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How to Get into Venture Capital: Venture Capital Recruiting

When it comes to how to get into venture capital, everyone usually has the same first question: “How do I break in?!! Tell me!” To students, engineers, jaded investment bankers, and Uber/Lyft drivers, venture capital sounds like the dream job: take meetings with exciting entrepreneurs all day and then bet money on the best ones. […]
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How to Move from the Middle Office into Life Science Venture Capital

If you start out working in the back or middle office, can you ever escape? The answer might be “yes” if you run away early, or if you target industries like sales & trading, where the front office interacts with the back and middle office. But what if you want to move into venture capital? […]
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From Coding and Consulting into Venture Capital: The Dream Goal of Every Engineer?

What is every engineer’s secret dream? Easy: To become a venture capitalist. Or, more broadly, “to move to the business side” and stop coding. The only problem is that it’s a pipe dream unless they start out in investment banking or complete a top-tier MBA degree first. At least, that’s what I thought until a […]
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