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Real Estate Private Equity (REPE): The Definitive Guide

After investment banking and private equity, real estate private equity (REPE) generates the most career-related questions for us. The real estate industry varies tremendously based on the firm, location, and strategy – and the differences in compensation, hours, and work styles reflect that. Real estate private equity offers some advantages over the traditional “high finance” […]
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How to Break into Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) at a Bulge-Bracket Bank

Is it possible to win an offer at a bulge-bracket bank if you start out in retail sales? Yes – but more so if you aim for groups outside of investment banking, such as commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS). It’s one group where deal experience and real-world results matter more than GPA, prestige, or pedigree. When […]
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What to Expect in Real Estate Private Equity in London When You Join Right Out of Undergrad

I’ve never understood the obsession with front-office investment banking roles. If you look around online, the attitude everywhere seems to be: “IB or bust!” If your sole goal in life is to work at KKR or Blackstone, then yes, that is true. But if you simply want to work on deals, earn a good amount, […]
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Commercial Real Estate Lending: The Best Backdoor into the Finance Industry?

I’m always amazed by readers who get interested in finance and then conclude that they “need” to win front-office investment banking roles. That hype over IB has decreased over time, but it still exists. But if you’re at a non-target school, you’re a career changer, or you’re from a non-traditional background, you’ll often get better […]
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How to Break Into Commercial Real Estate and Build an Empire

This is a guest post from Mike Moran, CFA, a portfolio manager at a long-only asset management firm. He started Life on the Buy Side to teach you what it’s like working in asset management, hedge funds, and more. When it comes to commercial real estate, you’ve got two choices: do something extremely risky, or do something […]
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