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Off-Cycle Private Equity Recruiting: How to Win Middle-Market Private Equity Offers

What happens if you don’t follow “the path”? I’ve written many stories about readers who broke into investment banking against all the odds, overcoming non-target schools, low GPAs, and a lack of work experience. But… what next? Even if you succeed the first time around, can you win exit opportunities such as private equity? I […]
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How to Get into Private Equity from a Middle-Market or Boutique Bank

A long time ago, I realized that 98.2% of this site’s readers had the same career goal: Get into private equity. Unfortunately, your chances are quite low unless you’re at a bulge-bracket or elite-boutique bank… in the right group… with the right deal experience… with the right academic credentials… and you start insanely early. But […]
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From Consulting to Private Equity: How to Make the Leap

The “consulting to private equity transition”: every consultant’s secret dream goal, right? OK, maybe not everyone’s goal, but “work in private equity” could easily be a goal for a good number of consultants. The only problem is that it is notoriously difficult for consultants to get into the industry. Not only are private equity professionals biased against […]
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How to Get Into Private Equity: Step-by-Step Guide

When it comes to tricking people on the Internet, one of the easiest methods is to write about “how to get into private equity.” Not all these articles all bad; some have a few decent tips and tricks. But most guides fail to disclose one important point: Unless you have exactly the right background, it will […]
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How to Get into Private Equity from a Bulge Bracket Bank and Conquer the Crazy Recruiting Process

Just how crazy is the private equity recruiting process? If you’re at a bulge bracket or elite boutique in New York, and you want to work at a mega-fund or upper-middle-market fund, “very crazy” is the best response. We’ve covered aspects of the recruiting process before, but we’ve never featured a step-by-step account from a […]
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Why You Can’t Get an Investment Banking or Private Equity Job via Recruiters – And What to Do About It

While most of the interviews on this site have been with job seekers or with current investment bankers, today we’re going to change things up and speak with an investment banking and private equity recruiter who works at a well-known recruiting firm. You’re about to learn some little-known, highly valuable, and controversial information about the […]
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