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AngelList Review: Should You Add Angel Investments to Your Portfolio?

In my most recent portfolio update, I received a lot of questions and comments about the 6% of my portfolio currently allocated to angel investments. Crowdfunding across various asset classes – real estate, peer-to-peer lending, and tech startups – has exploded over the past decade. But is it worthwhile? Should you allocate a percentage of […]
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Finance TV Shows in 2019: The Full Round-Up

A few short years ago, the landscape of “finance tv shows” consisted of a bottomless black hole. That black hole resembled the exit opportunities available to mid-level investment bankers, but was even less entertaining. There were plenty of shows about dragons, drug dealers, and advertising agencies, but nothing about hedge fund managers, traders, or private […]
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“Bad Blood” Book Review: Fooling Most of the People for a Long, Long Time

While I read Bad Blood, John Carreyrou’s detailed account of the rise and fall of Theranos, two thoughts immediately came to mind. First, if North Korea ever launched a startup, Theranos would be it. The company operated the same way Kim Jong Un does: non-functional products, “launches” that backfire, massive fraud, dead employees, and a […]
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Billions: The Best TV Show About Finance Since… Well, Ever?

I’ve barely watched any TV in the past 6 months. Between work, a crazy travel schedule, and my steadily increasing interactions with carbon-based life forms, TV fell off my priority list. But when a relevant show comes out, I’m always up for watching; I can even count it as “work.” This month, that show is […]
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Book Review: Real Estate Finance and Investments – The Ultimate Guide to the Industry?

Do you learn best by reading? It’s a bit mixed for me. While I do read a lot, sometimes video is a superior format: I couldn’t imagine trying to learn Excel or PowerPoint shortcuts from a book. But text works quite well for overviews and introductions. It’s tough to make commercial lease terms interesting in video […]
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The Wolf of Wall Street: The Best Movie About Finance Since the Original Wall Street?

While Wall Street and organized crime are similar in some ways – they both feature sociopaths seeking profit at the expense of morality, for example – they differ in one important aspect… There are far more great movies about organized crime than there are about finance. So I was especially curious when one of the […]
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The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America – The Most Important Book on Economics since The Wealth of Nations?

I am often asked for book recommendations. But it’s a fairly boring topic to write about – everyone already knows the “classic” finance books and I’ve never had much to add beyond the familiar names… Until now. Released earlier in 2013, David Stockman’s The Great Deformation: The Corruption of Capitalism in America is not only […]
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Pitch Anything: “The Game” for Investment Banking?

It’s 11 PM and you’re sitting down at a bar with a friend. You see 2 gorgeous blondes stroll over and sit down across from you (if you’re female, just imagine this from your perspective instead). You strategize with your friend about what to say and who to approach, you think of the perfect opening […]
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Book Review: The Recruiting Guide To Investment Banking

This month’s review arrives today with one book I’ve been hearing a lot about lately: the Scoopbooks Recruiting Guide to Investment Banking. Why Now? Why review this one now?  A couple reasons: 1) Many people recommended it as a superior alternative to the Vault Guide (does anyone actually use that thing anymore?). 2) I’ve been getting […]
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Damn, It Feels Good To Be A Banker: Book Review

I don’t often write book reviews on Mergers & Inquisitions (in fact, this is the first one I’ve ever done), and for good reason: there aren’t that many new books out there which are both relevant and entertaining to those breaking into investment banking. Sure, you have the old favorites – Monkey Business, Liar’s Poker […]
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