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MBA & Master's Programs - Using the Degrees to Break Into Finance

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Master’s in Finance Programs: The Best Last-Minute Path into Investment Banking?

If you don’t succeed the first time around, should you try and try again? It depends on your reasons for not succeeding the first time around, but most people ignore that point and jump straight to the “try and try again” part. And one of the most popular methods for getting a “do-over” is the […]
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Pre-MBA Internship Case Study: Getting A Head Start On The Competition

“There are three ways to make a living on Wall Street – be first, be smarter, or cheat.” -John Tuld, Margin Call It’s one of my favorite quotes from Margin Call… because it’s mostly true. But if you’re applying for IB/PE/HF jobs at the MBA level, this statement doesn’t quite hold up. After all, you […]
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From Boutique Consulting Firm to Top Bulge Bracket Bank: How to Dominate the MBA Investment Banking Recruiting Process

You know you can’t buy bottles with Starwood points, but what about investment banking internships? It’s still tough. And if you haven’t worked at MBB, it’s even more difficult to move from consulting to IB. But it gets easier if you combine that boutique consulting experience with a stint doing internal consulting at a PE firm […]
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From Transaction Advisory Services to Investment Banking: How to Use a Top-Tier MBA Degree to Break In

So let’s say you got interested in consulting in undergrad… And then you were “sold” on joining a boutique consulting firm right after graduation… But then you realized you wanted to move into finance and move to another country. What would you do? Network a lot? Move to a more finance-related role first? Apply to […]
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5 Ways Business School Can Ruin Your Life – and What to Do About It

You can’t be certain that too many things in life will absolutely, positively happen to you. I can count my own list on one hand: Paying taxes to the government. Begrudgingly getting married at some point in the future. And eventually owning a Doberman named “Hulk.” Those are “life events” that I deem inevitable. But […]
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Can You Really Use Business School to Re-Brand Yourself and Break Into Finance?

“Just go to business school.” “Go to a top MBA program.” “With HBS on your resume you can do anything you want.” It’s one of the most common pieces of advice given to anyone interested in consulting or finance: get into a top MBA program. Even if you went to a no-name undergraduate, did nothing […]
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Positioning Yourself for Business School, Part 2: The Non-Financier

I was tempted to label this one “The Vagabond” or “The Average Joe,” but those didn’t sound very… flattering. Last time, we looked at how to set yourself apart in MBA admissions if you’re coming from a finance background. The main challenge there is “being interesting” – defined as not looking exactly the same as […]
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