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Investment Banking - How to Quit Your Job

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Exit Opportunities as a Post-MBA Investment Banking Associate: Impossible is Nothing?

“Impossible is nothing.” But it might be something when it comes to exit opportunities as an Associate in investment banking. Look at online discussions of this topic, and you’ll see words like “black hole” and “bottomless void” used to describe your options. In reality, though, things are not even close to this abysmal. There is […]
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To Leave, or Not to Leave: Is That the Question?

Whether ‘tis nobler in the mind to suffer the countless work hours for models and bottles, Or to take back weekends against an office of czars, And by opposing be without work?  To beg: to borrow? Well, I wouldn’t quite go that far: Hamlet wasn’t exactly talking about ­­­freeing oneself from the world of finance, […]
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How to Quit Your Investment Banking Job Without Getting Executed

Midway through every year, a whisper starts growing at investment banks everywhere. “This sucks. I’m gonna quit.” Sometimes it’s so bad that you just want out immediately. Other times, you plan to wait and stealthily make an exit as soon as your bonus hits your bank account. So here’s how you can break out of […]
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Sample Farewell Email: How To Go Out In Style

“Friends and colleagues, After two very educational years, the time has come for me to leave Goldman Sachs. Beginning in August, I will be moving on to my next adventure, The Carlyle Group in New York. I have attached my updated contact information below, and look forward to keeping in touch. Warmest regards,” –Breaks In […]
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The Conference Room: How You Get Fired In Finance

Subject: Hey, do you have a minute?Either come to my office or we can meet in a conference room. Uh oh. Unless that email is coming from the co-worker you’ve been secretly dating or (one of) the secretaries you’re having an affair with, you’re probably going to be fired in the next 5-10 minutes if […]
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