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Investment Banking - The Hierarchy & Promotions

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Analyst to Associate: Should You Stay in Investment Banking and Grind Your Way Up?

In a status-crazed world, few things inspire as much status comparison, fear, and insecurity as the direct promotion from Analyst to Associate in investment banking. If you were to accept this type of promotion, some would call it a “failure,” assuming that you could not win a private equity or hedge fund job offer. Others […]
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The Investment Banking Managing Director: King of the Jungle, or Tragic Hero?

“Then happy low, lie down! / Uneasy lies the head that wears a crown.” (Henry IV, Part 2, Act III, Sc. 1) When you think about the investment banking Managing Director, your first thought may be a gorilla swinging through the jungle, devouring food and crushing the Analyst monkeys. But if you want a more […]
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The Investment Banking Vice President: The Toughest Job at a Bank?

If you’ve ever wondered about the “investment banking vice president (VP)” role, congratulations: so has the rest of the internet. The Vice President’s job is tougher to define than the Analyst and Associate roles. And to make things even more confusing, seemingly everyone at banks has the “Vice President” title (hint: it means a lot […]
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The Investment Banking Associate: Senior Banker in Training, or Glorified Spell Checker?

If you’ve ever Googled a term like “investment banking associate”, hoping to discover what banking is like at different levels, you’ve probably come to a sobering conclusion: The vast majority of “day in the life” stories are about Analysts. There’s always been less information about Associates, VPs, Directors, and MDs, and that hasn’t changed much […]
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The Investment Banking Analyst: Faithful Financial Foot Soldier, or Peon Pining for Punishment?

Ah, the investment banking analyst. It was the subject of the first article I ever wrote for this site – an article that has continued to generate comments, threats, and snarky reactions ever since. We’ve covered this topic across many scattered articles and interviews, so I wanted to consolidate all the coverage, update it, and […]
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The Investment Banking Career Path: The Complete Guide

When it comes to the investment banking career path, there’s a fitting analogy: a fraternity house. Just like a fraternity, investment banking offers a clear hierarchy, certain rituals you must complete, and benefits and added responsibilities at each level. And, as with a fraternity – or the mafia – you may also run into serious […]
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“Great Communication Skills”: Talk Your Way Into Top Bonuses?

How do you win first place? Do you need natural talent? A rigorous training schedule? Does it come down to your drive? Ask any investment banking or corporate strategy professional what it takes to succeed on the job (read: what it takes to earn top tier bonus), and you’ll hear a few themes over and over […]
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If a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Managing Director (MD) Fight to the Death, Who Comes Out Alive?

Nicolas was a Financial Analyst at General Electric where he explored the world of Corporate Finance. He is now a CFO and Partner Wild is the Game. The deathmatch. It’s fun to play in first-person shooters, but it’s even more fun in real life. And it’s most interesting when you put 2 high-level executives in […]
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The Office Politics Game: How to Climb the Ladder Without Being Assassinated On Your Way to the Top

You’ve seen it all before: the bright-eyed and bushy-tailed Soon-To-Be “The Star” joins the office with every intention of making you look bad – while being obscenely chipper. But then a senior banker piles the workload onto our brave young Analyst and he withdraws from everyone one else and pretty soon, he’s just a pitted […]
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Trust No One, and Keep Your Dragon Close: The Game of Thrones Guide to Climbing the Corporate Ladder

About a year ago, I had just finished a long stretch of 80-90 hour workweeks. No, I hadn’t lost my wits and found myself back in investment banking. I had just finished creating and releasing a new course, and I was ready to celebrate. A friend was having a birthday event at the best club […]
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