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Investment Banking in Ireland: The Best Way to Advise on Pharmaceutical M&A Mega Deals?

Do you believe the league tables? In other words, if one country or industry has a lot of deal activity, does that mean there are substantial M&A deals there? You might say, “Yes,” or, perhaps, “They’re not perfect, but the league tables are roughly correct.” But there are always exceptions. One big example is Ireland, where […]
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Investment Banking in France: The Best Way to Combine Wine Tasting and M&A Advisory?

If you could drink wine while working on a pitch book, would you actually want to work on the pitch book? Maybe, maybe not… but to answer that question, you’d have to work in France and advise on a few vineyard M&A deals. There’s a lot more to the industry than that, but it is […]
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Investment Banking in Hong Kong vs. London: Got Tax Savings?

So, should you work in Asia? Or is it better to work in a major financial center in a developed country? The debate rages among university students, MBA students, and anonymous people online, so there’s only one way to settle this question: ask someone who’s had experience doing both. Our reader today worked across the […]
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Investment Banking in Germany: Save More and Get Better Work Experience Than in London… Without Any Crazy Co-Workers?

If you go into investment banking, do you have to deal with crazy people? If you’ve watched any finance-related movies or TV shows, the answer seems to be “probably.” And if you’ve read stories online, in the comments section of this site, or on forums, the answer seems to be “always.” But that’s not true […]
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Investment Banking from Russia: With Love?

When I was traveling in Europe a few years ago, everyone thought I was either French or Russian. And, of course, I knew neither language so whenever someone attempted to speak to me I stared at them blankly and used hand gestures to explain my ignorance. I have the same reaction when readers ask about […]
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Investment Banking Recruiting in Europe: London vs. Frankfurt vs. Milan

While you’ve learned all about recruiting in Europe before in places like the UK, Germany, and Italy, we’ve never done a direct comparison of what to expect in each region. Will you really have to go through assessment centers and similar interviews in each place? Are they only looking for locals or can you break […]
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How to Break Into Asset Management in Germany – from a Part-Time, Non-Target, Distance Learning MBA Program

So, what about those part-time MBA programs? Do banks and finance firms take them seriously, even if they’re online? What about continental Europe recruiting vs. the UK? Today you’ll learn about those and other topics from a reader who recently broke into the finance industry in Germany. This reader also did an internship at a […]
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How to Break Into Finance in London Coming from an Unknown School in Eastern Europe

When this interview series started awhile back, I expected most submissions to come from Europe since the UK is the second biggest country in terms of readership. But that didn’t happen – instead, we covered the Middle East (which is awesome) and parts of Asia instead. This time around, though, we move back toward Europe […]
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How to Network Like a Ninja in London and Break Into Finance with Low Grades and a Non-Target School on Your CV

“You’ve written so much about networking, but it doesn’t work outside the US. No one in my country responds to cold calls or emails – what do I do?” It’s one of the most common objections I get to the networking advice on M&I. There are dozens of interviews disproving the old complaint that everything […]
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Investment Banking: Italy Edition

Continuing our series on finance in different regions of the world, today we go to Italy and hear from a reader who completed an MBA program there and then had an internship this past summer at a local Italian investment bank. We cover a broad set of topics, including how he decided to study in […]
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