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The Hedge Fund Portfolio Manager Job: A Day in the Life, Salaries, and Trade-Offs

Few jobs in the finance industry have been glamorized as much as the hedge fund portfolio manager (PM). Yes, everyone hates bankers now, and politicians threaten to destroy private equity… …but plenty of people still fantasize about becoming Portfolio Managers and earning hundreds of millions of dollars. At that level, who cares if everyone hates […]
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Hedge Fund Internships: The Best Way to Become Your Quantified Self?

Traditionally, almost no one thought about “hedge fund internships.” Students who wanted to break into investment banking, private equity, and even hedge funds usually interned at boutique banks, small PE firms, or Big 4 firms. The large hedge funds didn’t do much recruiting at the undergraduate level, and it was difficult to contact smaller/startup funds. […]
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The Hedge Fund Analyst Job: The Complete Guide

It’s tough to find a title in the finance industry that’s less specific than “Hedge Fund Analyst.” Depending on the firm, your team, and your previous experience, that title could mean anything from “Just above an intern” to “On the path to Portfolio Manager.” Hedge funds have less structure and hierarchy than investment banks or […]
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Hedge Fund vs Private Equity: Recruiting, Careers and Salaries Compared

The “hedge fund vs private equity” question could refer to many things: Investment vehicles – If you’re wealthy, should you invest in hedge funds or private equity funds? Also, how do they invest, and how do they charge fees? Exit opportunities – If you’re currently in investment banking, sales & trading, or equity research, which […]
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The Hedge Fund Career Path: The Complete Guide

The hedge fund career path is one place where our usual analogy – a fraternity house – does not quite hold up. Compared with investment banking or private equity, there’s less structure and hierarchy to hedge fund careers. The day-to-day work and responsibilities change as you advance, but not quite as much as they do […]
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From M&A Boutique Bank to Distressed Hedge Fund, Part 2: On the Job, Pay, and Exit Opps

One of the best parts of working at a hedge fund, besides the enormous piles of gold lining your mansion, is the fact that no one else understands what you do. Until now. In the second part of this interview on distressed hedge funds, you’re going to learn all about what you do on the […]
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