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Corporate Development Recruiting: The Definitive Guide

Search for “corporate development recruiting” or “corporate development interviews,” and you’ll tend to find the following results: A lot of confused questions and contradictory answers. Disagreements about what to expect in interviews, case studies, and even the process itself. And debates about exit opportunities and how they compare with the ones offered by investment banking. […]
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How to Break into Corporate Development Straight Out of Undergrad

Do you always believe the consensus? I’ve become skeptical over time, but there are a few topics where I’m on board: No matter what your background is, it’s extremely difficult to get into private equity; It’s not a great idea to join a specialized group in banking unless you’re really certain you want to be […]
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From Boutique Investment Bank to Corporate Development: The Best Exit Opportunity?

Do you believe all the stories on this site? You should. Even if I had the time or imagination to make them up, I’d have no motivation to do so. But you should be aware of the “fine print” attached to many of these accounts. Yes, it’s possible to get into investment banking from a […]
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General Electric’s Financial Management Program: An Insider’s Guide on How to Break In

Nicolas was a Financial Analyst at General Electric where he explored the world of Corporate Finance. He is now a CFO and Partner Wild is the Game. Have you ever found yourself applying for a job, but also having no idea why you’re applying? I’ve seen it a lot. Sometimes, if the company is seriously […]
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From Community College to Fortune 500 Investor Relations: How to Defy the Odds Even When Everyone Tells You “No”

The “path.” It never seems to die. And neither does the assumption that you need to follow a certain “path” to get into the finance industry. It’s like a cockroach: no matter how many times I drop nuclear bombs on it, it just won’t stay dead. That’s why I wanted to share this story of a reader […]
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