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How to Become a Startup CFO, and What to Expect on the Job

What do you do as a startup CFO? You can Google this question and find dozens of articles, each one presenting a different idea of the job. Part of the problem is that “startups” look very different depending on their headcount and funding status. A 10-person company with no outside funding has very different needs […]
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The FP&A Manager: The Best Mid-Level Role at Large Companies?

Hardly anyone likes to be in the “mid-level” at normal companies, but if there’s one mid-level role that’s desirable, it might just be the FP&A Manager. FP&A stands for “Financial Planning & Analysis,” and it’s one of the main areas within the corporate finance career path. FP&A is in charge of the Profit & Loss […]
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The Corporate Finance Analyst: Promising Career Path, or “Plan B” if Investment Banking Doesn’t Work Out?

We’ve received scattered questions about corporate finance analyst roles over the years, but the question volume spikes whenever there’s an economic or financial crisis. Call it the “flight to stability” or the “eternal search for a ‘stable’ finance job.” Depending on your personality, skill set, and career goals, corporate finance jobs could be great… …or […]
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Corporate Development Careers: The Definitive Guide

If you ever want to be confused, try searching for “corporate development careers” online. Some people think corporate development is a great, underrated alternative to private equity and investment banking, while others think it’s a “slow glide to death” as you deal with managers straight out of Dilbert who enjoy making terrible decisions. Some argue […]
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Corporate Development at a Private Equity-Owned Portfolio Company: The Best of Operations and Finance?

There’s one question we get over and over: “How can I get into private equity?” It doesn’t matter what the market is doing, what bonuses are like, or if there’s a financial crisis – everyone wants to get into private equity all the time. The bad news is that it’s not likely to happen because […]
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Marketing: The Most “Creative” Investment Banking Exit Opportunity?

Marketing?!! Probably not the first department that springs to mind when you think of “investment banking exit opportunities.” But if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming Don Draper and continuing to hone your Level 99 Excel skills at the same time, it might be right up your alley. In the 1960s, marketing actually resembled Mad Men: a bunch […]
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If a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) and Managing Director (MD) Fight to the Death, Who Comes Out Alive?

Nicolas was a Financial Analyst at General Electric where he explored the world of Corporate Finance. He is now a CFO and Partner Wild is the Game. The deathmatch. It’s fun to play in first-person shooters, but it’s even more fun in real life. And it’s most interesting when you put 2 high-level executives in […]
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From Big 4 Transaction Advisory Services to Corporate Development at a Large Financial Institution: Half the Audits and Twice the Money?

If you want to work in corporate development and have a reasonable lifestyle, solid pay, and hang out with Ron Conway and Ashton Kutcher while turning down multi-billion dollar acquisition offers (just kidding – read the article I linked to), one option is to suffer your way through investment banking and break in after working […]
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