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Case Studies & Reader Success Stories - Transitions Within Finance

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From Quant Trading in Singapore to Fintech in Mexico: How to Enter a More Exciting Jungle

When I published an interview about the future of sales & trading last year, I mentioned that fintech was a popular exit opportunity. The only problem is that there aren’t that many “real” trading roles in fintech outside of crypto. But there is another approach: leverage your finance skills to move into entirely different areas, […]
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From Investment Banking to Freelance Financial Modeling: The Undiscovered Exit Opportunity

People often complain about the hours and stress in finance jobs. But there’s another downside that receives far less attention: everyone tends to be boring. Especially in areas like investment banking, people mostly come from similar backgrounds: well-off parents, private schools, top universities, and resumes with the same student clubs and internships as everyone else. […]
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From Venture Capital to Investment Banking: The Best Pathway into Finance?

No one doubts the need for multiple internships before you win a role at a large bank. But it’s harder to say which specific internships are best. You could make a solid case for boutique and middle-market banks, real estate, hedge funds, or even private equity, but they all have downsides. For example, if you […]
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How to Break into the Finance Industry by Creating Your Own Brokerage Job

What should you do if you graduate with a not-so-great GPA in a relatively small market? Most people would say, “Give up” or “Apply to a Master’s in Finance or MBA program and turn yourself around there.” But there is another option: Create your own job. And then leverage that experience to break into the […]
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From Consulting to Private Equity: How to Make the Leap

The “consulting to private equity transition”: every consultant’s secret dream goal, right? OK, maybe not everyone’s goal, but “work in private equity” could easily be a goal for a good number of consultants. The only problem is that it is notoriously difficult for consultants to get into the industry. Not only are private equity professionals biased against […]
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How to Make a Career Change into Equity Research: The Best Path for Older Candidates?

If you’ve missed the all-important investment banking analyst experience but you still want to work in finance, what do you do? Go to business school? Join a Big 4 Firm? Go to a PE or VC portfolio company and try to move in from there? We’ve covered options for older candidates before, but an oft-overlooked […]
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From Quant to Equity Research Associate: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Once you go quant, can you ever go back? Or would you ever want to go back? Most people would answer that with “No, never!” After all, quant hedge fund jobs are glamorous, pay well, and exclude the drudgery associated with most finance roles. But the quant route is not for everyone. Our interviewee today started […]
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From Sales & Trading to Investment Banking: How to Hop Over the Fence

One disadvantage of sales & trading vs. investment banking is that exit opportunities are not quite as broad. It’s difficult, for example, to move into PE or corporate development coming from trading. But getting into investment banking may be a different story, as you’ll see in this interview with a reader who did just that. […]
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