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Case Studies & Reader Success Stories - From the Back Office

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How to Move from Compliance to an Equity Research Internship: Internal Mobility 101

Can you escape from the middle or back office? It’s tough. There are some success stories from readers, but it’s unquestionably difficult. On the other hand, it’s easier when you’re moving from a middle or back-office internship to another group. Our reader today made this move, and managed to turn a year-long compliance internship into […]
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From Compliance to Fixed Income Fund Management in Mexico: How to Accomplish the Impossible

The back office. It doesn’t exactly get a great reputation. And I must admit that some of that is my own doing. Inspired by too many students who equate “any position at a bank” with “investment banking,” I wrote an infamous article years ago explaining why you should not work in the back office… …But […]
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From the Back Office to Front Office Private Equity: How to Make the Leap

After graduating from Syracuse University, I took a back office position with a well-known custody bank – I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I graduated and I needed a job. Within 3 weeks I knew I’d jump off a cliff if I stayed there any longer, so I started emailing alumni and […]
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From Middle-Office Operations to Front-Office Sales & Trading: How One Reader Made the Leap and How You Can Do It Too

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of the back office. Much of the work is mundane, and it doesn’t give you many options: advancing is difficult and breaking into front-office roles is even harder. Or is it? While it might be difficult to get into investment banking front-office roles, it’s easier if you’re […]
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