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Business Valuation Firms: The Best Backdoor into Investment Banking and Private Equity?

If you’ve read interviews on this site over the years, you’ve seen one name pop up repeatedly: business valuation firms, also known as “independent valuation firms” or just “valuation firms.” To some, these firms are “Plan B” options if you don’t make it into investment banking right out of undergrad. To others, they’re a way […]
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What to Expect in Restructuring at a Big 4 Firm in Italy: The Best Place for Turnarounds?

“Never let a good crisis go to waste.” It’s a famous quote, but it doesn’t just apply to geopolitics or government policy. A crisis can be the best thing for your career as well – if you use it the right way. Our reader today found this out firsthand when he became obsessed with investment […]
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How to Break into Valuation at a NON-Big-4 Accounting Firm

Is it good to be stubborn? In some cases, yes. But you also have to be realistic, especially when it comes to winning highly competitive jobs. One of the themes on M&I this year is the need to “go through the side door” to win these roles and beat out students from elite universities. And […]
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Big 4 Transaction Services in India: The Best Pathway to Investment Banking and Private Equity?

Do emerging markets ever change? The answer seems to be “yes” – after all, how can a country stay in “emerging” mode indefinitely? It turns into a developed market with an advanced economy (Japan), or it slides back into third-world status due to economic and political failures (Argentina). But one potential exception to that rule […]
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Transaction Advisory Services: Industrial Products – Got Working Capital?

If investment banking and management consulting had a baby, it might just be transaction services. You do plenty of analytical work, but you also get insight into companies’ operations that you’d never gain from working with high-level spreadsheets all day. And hey, you can even apply “structured frameworks” to solve problems. Our interviewee today works […]
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