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Welcome to the “best of the best.” We try to avoid rankings, but we’ll make an exception here and give you the 5 best articles on the site.

How Does Money Change Your Life?

How Does Money Change Your Life? The Top Six Changes - Positive and Negative - That You'll Experience Once You Save Up Between $1 and $10 Million.

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No, You Can’t Have It All: Why Finance Does Not Guarantee You $10 Million and Your Own Beach in Thailand

Warning: Going Into Investment Banking May Not Make You Rich or Allow You to Get a Private Beach in Thailand. Read On to Find Out Why.

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My Life Story, Part 1: How I Started This Site (2007 – 2008)

Part 1 of The True Story of How Mergers & Inquisitions Began: 2007 through 2008. Warning: May Contain Coke and Hookers.

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Should You Quit Recruiting or Working Full-Time and Start Your Own Company Instead?

Start Your Own Company Instead of Doing Finance or Consulting? Get the Full Trade-Offs and Commonly Overlooked But Important Points Here.

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From Private Equity Internship to Bulge Bracket Investment Banking: How to Cold Email Like a Pro and Win the Offer

How to Move From a Private Equity Internship to Investment Banking - From Internships to Networking, Cold Emailing Templates, and How to Ace Your Interviews.

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