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How to Get 6 Brand-New, Free Financial Modeling Tutorials – Plus Bonus Material

United Technologies / Goodrich - $16B Deal - 6 Free Tutorials

Let’s skip the preamble and get straight to the point: we’ve just created a brand-new set of 6 free financial modeling tutorials for you.

These tutorials are all based on a $16 billion M&A deal (United Technologies’ acquisition of Goodrich Corporation) in the aerospace and defense industry, and they are the best, and most helpful, free tutorials that we’ve ever released.

If you’ve signed up for any of the free tutorials here before, this set is approximately 100x better (especially with the additional bonus tutorials).

If you have no interest in learning financial modeling (why are you reading this site, exactly?) you can ignore this announcement.

But if you’re… slightly interested in getting a crash course on key financial modeling topics, you should read on and sign up for your 6 Free Financial Modeling Tutorials over at the Breaking Into Wall Street website.

What’s In It for You

You’ll get 6 free tutorials that cover the following topics:


  • Setting Up Assumptions in a Merger Model
  • Projecting the Buyer and Seller
  • Calculating Accretion / Dilution


  • Purchase Price Allocation
  • Combining and Adjusting the Balance Sheets
  • Calculating Revenue and Expense Synergies – With Limited Information

For more on some of these topics, check out our tutorial on how to calculate Goodwill as well.

You’ll learn how to use SEC filings, equity research, press releases, and other sources to get all the information, and then how to use it successfully in models.

And the merger model is one of the key topics that’s almost guaranteed to come up in interviews, so your time is very well spent here. It comes up on the job all the time as well, whether you’re analyzing a transaction in banking or you’re at a PE firm or hedge fund and you’re looking at a portfolio company’s recent acquisition.

Plenty of other “companies” (I use that term loosely) in this market would charge you for this information.

Our philosophy is quite different: give away for free what other people would charge you for.

And if you keep watching your inbox closely, you’ll also receive additional bonus tutorials:

  • How to Calculate Free Cash Flow in Real Life, and why items like “Working Capital” AKA “Changes in Operating Assets and Liabilities” cause so much confusion – and how to understand them properly.
  • How to Link the 3 Statements in Real Life, using a “messy” example of a real company, as opposed to some academic construct that exists only in textbooks.

Why Am I Doing This?

Part of the reason this site became popular in the first place is that I take a “no-BS” approach and tell it like it is (yes, if I were a doctor I would have a horrible bedside manner).

The financial modeling courses we’ve created have done very well and continue to do well.

Over 13,866 people have signed up so far, and more are joining every day.

If I really wanted to, I could slack off and not add much in the way of free material… and also not improve on what we already have.

And since this site and the courses are established, no one would notice for a long time.

But I am not satisfied with that approach.

There is always a better way to do things – always a better way to explain concepts, and always a better way to help you learn and retain material.

So we’re taking the opposite approach: this new set of free tutorials is just the beginning.

You’ll see some fairly massive updates and surprises over the next few months, and if you’ve already signed up for some of the courses you’ll get previews of all that very soon.

So go ahead and sign up for the free tutorials here. For more information about discounts & coupon codes for these courses, please visit this page.

M&I - Brian

About the Author

Brian DeChesare is the Founder of Mergers & Inquisitions and Breaking Into Wall Street. In his spare time, he enjoys memorizing obscure Excel functions, editing resumes, obsessing over TV shows, traveling like a drug dealer, and defeating Sauron.

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  1. Hi I’ve already bought one of the financial modeling courses. So I can access the free bonus case studies right?

    1. Avatar
      M&I - Nicole

      Varun, thanks for purchasing the courses. Yes you can access the bonus cases studies in the portal. Please let us know if you have other questions.

  2. So everthing for which ths existing BIWS subscribers have paid for(in last 2-3 years) is becoming freely available now..!?
    Hopefully, you guys didnt visit one of those spritual ashrams..

    1. Um, no. I think you misunderstood.

      To clarify: we do give away a lot of free material to promote the courses.

      There are almost 200 hours of video on the site. The free material here amounts to maybe 1-2 hours. So we’re giving away approximately 0.5-1.0% of what’s on the site.

      And there will be more additions coming to the site, which are not being given away for free.

  3. So this is just a tutorial, or a complete case study which will be put in a bonus area under the existing M&A course?

    1. It is a complete case study based on a webinar we did awhile back. We will post both the webinar version and the 6 free tutorial version to the members’ area soon. Delayed because of a bunch of other projects at the moment and a revamp to one of the existing major courses that’s being released in July.

  4. this is really nice of you. Can’t wait for your new stuff to come ou.

    1. Thanks! More announcements soon, and hope to send out a preview of some new material next week.

  5. Avatar

    The signup does not work, nothing happens after filling in my email…

    1. I just tried entering your email address manually in the form. You should receive the first email shortly. Sometimes there is a delay and it can be slower during peak hours. If you do not receive anything within the next 24 hours then we’ll try again. Also note that if you have already signed up to the newsletter, you do not need to confirm your email address so you will not receive a message there.

      1. Avatar

        Thank you, appreciate for the help.

  6. The sign up link is not working

    1. You may not receive the email confirmation right away. If you don’t receive anything within 24 hours, we’ll enter your address manually. I tested it before and it took 20-30 minutes to get the first email.

  7. What if I have the all of the courses. is this included somewhere, like the jcrew LBO model? Or do I still need to verify my email

    1. We’re going to add them in a “bonus area” on the site eventually. But if you want to see the tutorials now, email us via the BIWS contact form. Or you can enter your email address here and receive them over time.

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