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Investment Banking Recruitment Tips & Articles

Investment Banking Recruitment is one of the key topics covered on Mergers & Inquisitions, so below you’ll find all of the recruiting-related articles on the site, sorted by category.

The 4 topics at the top – networking, resumes, interviews, and the recruiting mindset – are the most important, so you should start there.


This is where you’ll find all the tutorials and case studies related to networking – talking to people in real life, as opposed to submitting your resume into a giant black hole online – and using those relationships to win interviews and offers.


Here’s where you can get all our resume and cover letter templates, tips, and tutorials.


Ah, yes: the investment banking interview. Nothing could be more stressful and more inane at the same time – good thing you have these articles!

Recruiting Mindset

This one’s all about the strategy you use when recruiting. Tactics are great, but strategy is even better.

Assessment Centers & Competency Questions

Another of Europe’s finest exports: assessment centers, instead of the superday interviews you see in the US, and competency questions to supplement your applications.

Handling Headhunters

Sometimes, working with headhunters can be as much fun as a trip to the proctologist – but you need to suck it up and do it anyway.

Career Transitions – From Other Fields Into Investment Banking

You’ll learn how to break into investment banking from accounting, law, consulting, and maybe even pole dancing one day.

“Plan B” Options

So, what happens when you don’t win an offer… or a return offer… or you renege on your offer… or…

Recruiting in a Down Market

This was a series we ran way back after the financial crisis started in 2008 – while some of this is dated, the aggressive networking tactics recommended here still apply no matter what year we’re in.