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How To Write An Investment Banking Resume

How to Write an Investment Banking Resume That Will Get You High-Paying and Prestigious Investment Banking Job Offers.

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Happy New Year! And December 2007: Month In Review

How to get into investment banking from law/engineering, banking lifestyle, staying fit, picking a team, and vacation time. Low GPA and internship questions.

Reasons NOT To Do Investment Banking: Models And Bottles

Reasons NOT to Do Investment Banking: Money, an Entrepreneurial Work Environment, and Proving That You "Can Hack It." Oh, and Models and Bottles.

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Weekly Reader Q&A: Low GPA, Internships For Freshmen And Saving As An Analyst

Tips on getting into investment banking with a low GPA, getting a finance internship as a freshman, and saving money with a low base salary.

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Vacation Time in the World of Finance

How to Take a Vacation and Get Time Off in Investment Banking, Private Equity, Sales & Trading, Hedge Funds, and More.

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Q&A On Investment Banking Topics

Get your questions answered on investment banking interview topics, questions for Senior hires, cover letters, and how old is "too old" to break in.

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How To Pick Your Team At An Investment Bank

How to pick your team at an investment bank, make sure you work with good people, and resolve interpersonal conflicts in the workplace.

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Staying Healthy While Staring At A Computer 18 Hours A Day

Tips for staying healthy as an investment banker or in any other job that involves lots of staring at the computer and not moving for long periods of time.

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How to Break Into Finance as a Lawyer

How to Break Into Finance as a Lawyer: How to Overcome Key Obstacles, Tell Your Story, Network, Spin Your Resume, and Ace Interviews.

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A Day in the Life of an Investment Banking Analyst

Investment Banking Analyst: A Day In The Life, How Much You Work, How Much You Get Abused, and How Much Cocaine You Do.

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