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When Things Get Bad In Investment Banks: Expense Czars

What happens when the economy sours and investment banks' business starts to decline. Plus, how to get into banking in such an environment.

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Picking An Investment Banking Summer Internship: Equity Research Vs. Trading

How to decide what kind of investment banking summer internship is right for you, and how to pick between equity research and trading.

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Private Equity Resumes

Private Equity Resumes: How to Craft the Perfect Resume and Use Your Investment Banking Experience to Win Private Equity Offers.

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How Investment Bankers Read Your Resume

Investment Banking Resumes: Who Reads Them, How Much Time They Spend, What They Look For, and How They Select You For Interviews.

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Investment Banker Salaries Vs. McDonald’s: Hourly Pay

Investment Bankers. Will You Make More or Less Than a McDonald’s Employee on an Hourly Basis Once You Break In? Salary & Hourly Pay Rates…

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Resume Review Service

Overview of the new investment banking resume review service being offered on Mergers & Inquisition.

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January 2008 Month In Review

January 2008 month in review: guides to investment banking resumes, summer internships and investment banking lifestyle.

Boutique Investment Banks vs. Bulge Bracket Banks

Boutique Investment Banks vs. Bulge Bracket Banks: How Your Lifestyle, Work, and Exit Opportunities Will Differ.

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Investment Banking Groups: The Legend Of UBS LA

The Rise And Fall Of UBS LA: Why this investment bank rose to fame so quickly, how it was great for Analysts there, and what it's like now.

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The Investment Banking Interview Selection Process

A description of the investment banking interview process and how banks decide who gets offer and who does not.

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