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Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Investment Banking Job Early

Explanation of why it's a bad idea to start your investment banking job early in January/February rather than the summer.

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February 2008: Month In Review

February 2008 In Review: private equity resumes, breaking into investment banking, networking to get a job, and deciding on summer internship offers.

Weekly Reader Q&A: Investment Banking From Ph.D., Boutique Summer Internships, Informational Interviews

Breaking into investment banking with a Ph.D., how to choose between a bulge bracket or boutique summer internship and how to handle informational interviews.

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Investment Banking Networking: How to Break In

Investment Banking Networking: How to Find Names, Contact Bankers, Cold-Call and Set Up Informational Interviews and Break Into Investment Banking.

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How To Close Your Investment Banking Offers

A description of how to seal the deal and make sure your investment banking interviews result in offers.

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Attention To Detail: A True Story

Story from a private equity firm's due diligence process on why attention to detail is critical in investment banking.

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How to Dominate Your Investment Banking Interviews and Win Offers

Ace your interview. What questions to expect and how to answer them. A guide to fit and technical questions and the steps of a superday.

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The Worst Time To Be An Investment Banker: Friday At 4 PM

The worst time to be an investment banker: Friday at 4 PM, when you get all your weekend work.

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When Things Get Bad In Investment Banks: Expense Czars

What happens when the economy sours and investment banks' business starts to decline. Plus, how to get into banking in such an environment.

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Picking An Investment Banking Summer Internship: Equity Research Vs. Trading

How to decide what kind of investment banking summer internship is right for you, and how to pick between equity research and trading.

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