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The Best Day in the Life of an Investment Banking Analyst

A day in the life of an investment banking analyst: my best day ever in my 2 years as an Analyst swinging through the Jungle of Finance.

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Weekly Reader Q&A: Hedging Your Bear Stearns Summer Offer, Who Really Reads Resumes And The Value Of A Master’s Degree

How to hedge your Bear Stearns summer offers, who really reads investment banking resumes, and the value of a Master's In Finance.

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Why Investment Banks Make So Much Money

How Investment Banks Make Money: Why It's So Lucrative, and Why They Make So Much Money Compared to Other Industries.

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Weekly Reader Q&A: Summer Internships vs. Study Abroad, Low GPAs, Going International AND Local

How to decide between study abroad vs. a summer internship, covering up a low GPA and how to break into regional banks in Europe.

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Bear Stearns Episode 2: The Shareholders Strike Back

Overview of what to do and what NOT to do if you have a summer or full-time investment banking offer at Bear Stearns.

What Should I Do With My Bear Stearns Investment Banking Offer?

Overview of the investment banking job market in the wake of the Bear Stearns disaster and what those with offers there should do.

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Weekly Reader Q&A: Nonprofit To Private Equity, The Role Of Accounting Firms And Startup vs. Marketing Internship

Overview of how to break into private equity from a nonprofit background, what an accounting firm does in an M&A deal and business development vs. marketing internships.

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Why You Shouldn’t Start Your Investment Banking Job Early

Explanation of why it's a bad idea to start your investment banking job early in January/February rather than the summer.

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February 2008: Month In Review

February 2008 In Review: private equity resumes, breaking into investment banking, networking to get a job, and deciding on summer internship offers.

Weekly Reader Q&A: Investment Banking From Ph.D., Boutique Summer Internships, Informational Interviews

Breaking into investment banking with a Ph.D., how to choose between a bulge bracket or boutique summer internship and how to handle informational interviews.

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