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Corporate Development in Latin America: The Best Way to Profit from Infrastructure Development in the Amazon?

Corporate Development Latin America: How to Break In, What the Job is Like, and How it Compares to Corporate Development in Developed Markets.

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Investment Banking Case Studies: What to Expect, and How Not to Choke

Investment Banking Case Studies: Full Walk-Through of How to Complete a 3-Statement Modeling Test, and Tips and Tricks for Finishing On Time.

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Investment Banking “Fit” Questions: How to Use the Rule of 3 for Quick and Efficient Prep

Investment Banking Fit Questions: How to Come Up with Answers to the Most Common Questions in 30-60 Minutes - Without Memorizing Thousands of Questions.

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Equity Value and Enterprise Value: The First, Last, and Only Guide You’ll Need to Master These Concepts

Equity Value Enterprise Value: Free 94-Page Guide to Understanding These Concepts, from the Meaning to the Calculations to Tricky Interview Questions.

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How to Tell Your “Story” in Investment Banking Interviews

How to Tell a "Story" in Investment Banking Interviews That Wins You Offers. Answers to "Walk Me Through Your Resume" or "Tell Me About Yourself."

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Why IB Interview Prep in 2017 is Broken – and What to Do About It

2017 Investment Banking Interview Prep: Why It's Broken, How to Fix It, and How to Prepare Efficiently Without Spending Hundreds of Hours On It.

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Private Equity in France: The Best Way to Have Your Wine and Drink It, Too?

France Private Equity: Recruiting Tips and How to Break In, Industry Overview, Deal Differences, and the Work Environment and Culture.

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Quant Research in Tokyo: How to Join the Machines

Quant Research Jobs: Recruiting and Interviews, How to Use Side Projects to Get In, and What the Job Is Like.

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How to Break into Investment Banking at the Last Minute and Win a Role in the Industrials Coverage Group

Last-Minute Investment Banking Recruiting: How to Win Full-Time IB Offers If You Have No Prior Internships and Only Decided on Banking Months Ago.

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Private Equity vs. Venture Capital: Why the Lines Have Blurred

Private Equity vs. Venture Capital: How the Recruiting, Work, and Investment Strategies Differ, and How the Lines Between PE and VC Have Blurred.

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