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From Quant to Equity Research Associate: Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

From Quant to Equity Research Associate: How to Make the Transition, Including Networking, Interview, and Case Study Tips.

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How to Make Investment Recommendations in Private Equity Interviews and Case Studies in 4 Simple Steps

Private Equity Investment Recommendation: Step-by-Step Tutorial on How to Answer This Critical Question in Private Equity Interviews.

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Forex Brokerage: The Best Path into the Finance Industry in Cyprus?

Forex Broker Careers: How to Break Into the Industry, Different Roles, the Job Itself, Compensation, Exit Opps, and More.

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How to Break into the Finance Industry as an Older Candidate: 6 Paths to Beating the Odds

Too Old for Finance? How to Break in as an Older Candidate, with Tips for Private Equity, Asset Management, Equity Research, Investment Banking, and More.

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Investment Banking in Sub-Saharan Africa: The Promise of Emerging Markets Realized?

Investment Banking Sub-Saharan Africa: Industry Trends, Deal Activity, Strengths of Different Banks, Compensation, Hours, Exit Opps, and More.

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Why Most M&A Deals Fail: Love and Marriage?

Why Most M&A Deals Fail: The Major Reasons Why They Don't Work Out, and Examples of Failed Deals at Companies of All Sizes.

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Stuff Investment Bankers Don’t Like: 2016 Edition

Stuff Investment Bankers Don't Like: Your Internships, Being Boring, Non-Target Schools, Useless Case Studies, and More.

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Big 4 Transaction Services in India: The Best Pathway to Investment Banking and Private Equity?

India Big 4 Transaction Services: Industry Overview, How It's Different from the Big 4 in the US and UK, Recruiting Tips, and Exit Opportunities Into IB/PE.

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Should You Delay Your Graduation to Level-Up Your Internship or Full-Time Job Offer?

Should You Delay Your Graduation for a Better Internship or Full-Time Job Offer? Here's Why It's Almost Always a Terrible Idea in the Finance Industry.

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