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How to Get into Private Equity from a Bulge-Bracket Bank and Conquer the Crazy Recruiting Process

Private Equity Recruitment: How to Break in from a Large Bank, How the Crazy Process Works, the Timing, Interview Questions, Modeling Tests, and More.

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(Elite) Boutique vs. Middle-Market vs. Bulge-Bracket Banks: Got Rankings?

(Elite) Boutique vs. Middle-Market vs. Bulge Bracket Banks: How the Deals, Geographies, Pay, Hours, and Exit Opps Differ, and Example Banks in 8 Categories.

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The Distressed Debt Desk: The Best Way to Combine Sales & Trading and Investment Banking?

Distressed Debt Desk in Sales & Trading: Overview of Recruiting, What It's Like On the Job, and How to Exit Into Distressed Hedge Funds and Buy-Side Roles.

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Why You’re Not Getting IB Summer Internship Offers – and What to Do About It

Why No Investment Banking Summer Internship Offers? The Top Reasons Why You're not Getting Internship Offers, and How to Fix Your Performance and Win.

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The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election Results: Should You Kill Yourself?

US Election 2016: How Trump's Surprise Victory Will Change the Industry, and the Key Insights You Can Gain from the Major Campaigns.

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How to Overcome a Lack of Leadership in Your MBA Applications

MBA Application Leadership: How to Demonstrate Your Leadership Skills as a Banker or Finance Professional in Your MBA Applications.

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Private Company Valuation, Part 2: Could You Be in the Meth Business *and* the Empire Business?

Public vs Private Companies: Why Valuation Might NOT Be Much Different, and How the Lines Have Blurred Over Time... Some Privates Aren't Really Private!

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Is Finance Still a Good Long-Term Career?

Is Finance a Good Career, Even After Regulatory Changes, Lower Pay, and the Rising Tech Industry? We Examine, Realistically, the Upsides and Downsides.

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How to Make a Career Change into Equity Research: The Best Path for Older Candidates?

Career Change into Equity Research: How to Break in from Corporate Finance Roles, and Why It Might Be Easier than Getting into IB as a Career Changer.

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Investment Banking Exit Opportunities: The Myth of the Buy-Side Job

Investment Banking Exit Opportunities: Trade-Offs of Private Equity, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Corporate Finance, Corporate Development, and Others.

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