Why Financial Modeling Training is Broken – and How to Fix It and Learn More Than a 15-Year Managing Director

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Financial Modeling Training BrokenLet’s cut to the chase: the best financial modeling course ever created is almost complete.

If you sign up for it before December 19th you can save $100+ and get a good chunk of the course for free.

There have been major enhancements to many of our courses in the past year, ranging from transcripts and certifications to brand new case studies to, in the case of the Excel & Fundamentals course, a completely new course with 4x more material.

To get a free 3-part tutorial series on our new approach to “generalist” financial modeling – based on a case study of Jazz Pharmaceuticals – enter your first name and email address below:

And if you want a 3-part industry-specific tutorial series – based on a case study of Ultra Petroleum and the NAV model – enter your first name and email address below:

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You’ll receive the first part of both tutorials starting today (Monday), the 2nd tutorial on Wednesday, and the final tutorial on Friday… and faster than that if you watch each video quickly.

Then, you’ll also get every Excel model, case study, and case study solution in the new Fundamentals course – but ONLY if you’ve signed up above.

What’s the Bad News?

Transaction Advisory Services: Industrial Products – Got Working Capital?

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Transaction Services - IndustrialsIf investment banking and management consulting had a baby, it might just be transaction services.

You do plenty of analytical work, but you also get insight into companies’ operations that you’d never gain from working with high-level spreadsheets all day.

And hey, you can even apply “structured frameworks” to solve problems.

Our interviewee today works in the industrial products team at a Big 4 firm’s Transaction Services (AKA Transaction Advisory Services) department, and he can tell you all about:

  • What it takes to break in
  • Why you’d want to work there
  • And why the work itself may be more interesting than what you find in traditional IB roles

The Lay of the Industrial Landscape

Q: Why did you choose Transaction Services rather than management consulting or investment banking?

From Law to Investment Banking: Even Better Than Starring in “Suits”?

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Law to Investment BankingIf real life imitated TV perfectly, law would be an intellectually stimulating and exciting career path for everyone.

You work with high-profile clients, try intense cases, make massive M&A deals happen, and empower the barbarians at the gate.

Except… that doesn’t quite hold up in real life.

The average corporate law job turns into a game of “How many documents can you turn, and how quickly and accurately can you turn them? Bonus points if you’re skilled with the Table of Contents feature in Word.”

Some lawyers play that game and move up the ladder, while others get bored, conclude that business is more interesting, and move into roles with more modeling and fewer “Track Changes.”

Whenever deal activity heats up and banks ramp up their hiring, more and more professionals fall into that category and move from law to investment banking.

I’ve seen that firsthand because there has been a big uptick in the number of readers and customers making that move in the past year.

A cynic might say, “We’re at the peak! If so many career changers are getting in, the bubble is about to burst!”


But even when deal activity and hiring are down, a fair number of lawyers break in – and here’s how you do it: