How to Write More Effective Networking Emails That Will Double Your Response Rate in 15 Minutes or Less

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Investment Banking Email TemplateWhat’s your greatest weakness?

I’m not talking about the BS answer you give in an interview (‘I work too hard!’).

I mean your actual greatest weakness.

You might be thinking of weaknesses like “Well, I’m sort of disorganized… and sometimes I lose motivation … and sometimes I’m not good at delegating tasks.”

All of those may be real weaknesses, but they take a lot of time to fix.

But if you’re currently a student or you haven’t had much full-time work experience, you have another ‘greatest weakness’ that is easily fixable:

You can’t write effective emails.

In this post, I’m going to share:

  • The top email mistakes I’ve seen – from both students and professionals.
  • Examples of “emails gone astray” – kind of like watching a car accident in slow motion, but without the casualties and explosions.
  • How to send effective networking emails for connecting on LinkedIn, setting up informational interviews, following up, asking about internships/jobs, and more.
  • And yes: a collection of email templates that you can use for everything above.

This will be a fun one, so let’s get started:

Why Does Email Matter?

New Year’s Resolution #1: Fix Your Broken LinkedIn Profile and Create One That Makes Recruiters Come to You

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new-years-resolutionsHave you noticed that most New Year’s “resolutions” end in failure?

There are a few reasons for that:

  1. They tend to be vague (“I want to get in shape!”).
  2. They require too much work – no, you can’t work 70-80 hours per week and also spend 20 hours per week on a new hobby.
  3. They are based on willpower rather than automation and systems.

To fix that, I’m going to share with you this month a set of “resolutions” that:

  1. You can implement easily: no 2,000-hour tasks or 5 AM wake-up calls.
  2. Also make a high impact on your job search / career prospects.

We’ll start today with one part of your career that is consistently overlooked…

linkedin-profile…but which takes, maybe, 30 minutes per year to maintain: your LinkedIn profile.

I now have almost 2,000 connections on LinkedIn, which lets me see firsthand just how bad most profiles are.

Here’s how you can avoid disaster and create a LinkedIn profile that gets you results, whether you’re a student or you’ve been working full-time for years:

Why Does Your LinkedIn Profile / Social Media Presence Matter?

2014 End of Year Q&A: Reneging on Offers, Deciding on Offers, The Next Big Thing, Email Etiquette, and Whether or Not Adnan Did It

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Serial PodcastSo, a few things happened this year.

  • The Middle East somehow got even more violent, as did Ukraine
  • Malaysia Airlines became officially the unluckiest airline ever
  • And then there were elections in major countries, and a few other minor issues like ebola

You could add more financial/economic/geopolitical events to that list if you wanted.

But something more significant than any of that happened to me: for the first time ever, I became more interested in a podcast than in new or returning TV shows.

If you have been living under a rock and haven’t heard of or listened to Serial, go download all the episodes right now.

Since a “serialized” show caught my attention, it will be the theme of this year’s Q&A as well: recurring themes and questions that just won’t go away.

And more on whether or not Adnan really did it at the end…

Serialized Theme #1: Reneging on Offers