Your Biggest Obstacle to Interview Success: Trying Too Hard?

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Finance Interviews - Why Being Overbearing Kills Your ChancesSummer internship recruiting season is over.

And full-time recruiting finished a long time ago.

Maybe you made it through and got the offer you wanted…

…but in all likelihood, it didn’t go exactly as planned.

Maybe you got an offer in the industry you were targeting, but it wasn’t at the firm you wanted.

Or maybe you had to choose one of your “Plan B” options instead.

By now, you’ve probably:

But you might want to think again.

There’s a good chance that trying too hard and coming across as overbearing sunk your chances the first time around.

And that 51-item “to do” list might just sink your chances next time.

Yes, that’s right: you might get better results by putting in less effort, or at least concealing the effort you’ve put in.

Why Are You Trying So Hard, Exactly?

Investment Banking in Calgary: Advise on Multi-Billion Dollar Energy Deals and Still Get the Weekends Off?

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Investment Banking CalgaryIf you want to work on energy deals, Canada is a good place to start.

And within Canada, most of the action is in Calgary – from both the Big 5 Canadian banks and the bulge bracket banks.

Sure, energy deals do take place in other locations, but it’s hard to beat Calgary for the depth and breadth of the experience you’ll get.

Our interviewee today broke into the industry several years ago, and gives us the full run-down on everything:

  • Why recruiting might be easier, or at least “different,” in Calgary.
  • How the Big 5 banks and bulge bracket banks operate differently.
  • What to expect in terms of deal flow, technical work, and office culture.
  • And even major industry trends, such as crude-by-rail and royalty stream deals.

Breaking Into Banking in the Far North

The Investment Banking Deal Sheet: How to Win Job Offers with a Small Note Card

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Investment Banking Deal SheetsIs there an accessory that actually helps you win job offers?

Could it be a smartphone, a tablet, or a robot in disguise?

Or maybe a good pair of socks?


This accessory does exist, but it’s just a normal piece of paper.

It’s called a “deal sheet,” and it’s one of the most underutilized strategies for presenting yourself like a pro.

You can use a tiny note card to spin your previous work experience into sounding impressive, even if you did absolutely nothing the whole time.

If you play your “cards” right, you might even outperform candidates who have better experience… but who can’t present themselves as effectively.

Why Deal Sheets and Case Studies?