General Electric’s Financial Management Program: The Most Prestigious Corporate Finance Gig Around?

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General Electric Financial Management ProgramThere’s a lot of debate around the “best” place to start your career: Investment banking? Private equity? Corporate finance? Equity research?

But if you go the corporate finance route, there’s no debate over the best, or at least most “prestigious,” option within corporate finance: General Electric’s Financial Management Program (FMP).

It has been around for almost 100 years (created in the 1930s), and 75% of GE’s Chief Financial Officers went through it!

The only problem is that if you try to read about it online, you run into corporate speak and buzzwords galore, but little real information.

I actually graduated from the program and then left GE to start my own business, so I want to give you a realistic, non-sugar-coated version of what you do, what a “rotational program” in corporate finance means, and just how lucrative / prestigious it is.

Plus, we’ll take a look at how it compares to IB roles and answer the #1 question on your mind: is there any reason to forget about IB and become an FMP instead?

What Exactly IS a “Financial Management Program” (FMP)?

2014 Investment Banking Bonuses: Capital in the Twenty-First Century?

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2014 Investment Banking BonusesNOTE: This is a revised version of an article we initially published, but then deleted, last week. This version has significant updates and corrected numbers.

Zero percent.

Or maybe 10%?

No, not the growth rate in bonuses this year.

I’m referring to the percentage you’ll actually keep.

At least if certain French economists had their way and implemented a “global wealth tax.”

The good news this year is that the rest of the world has not yet turned into France, which actually has a wealth tax.

The second piece of good news is that bonuses are up substantially.

The bad news is that it’s still not 2007, and the market may not stay this “hot” for long.

But hey, at least your life might be improving with all these new “protected weekends”!

What Were Bonuses This Year?

Let’s start with the cold, hard… ranges:

Metals & Mining Corporate Development and Investor Relations: Measured and Indicated Exit Opportunities?

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Metals & Mining Corporate DevelopmentWhat would you do to own your own gold mine?

Would you be willing to start out in a call center at a bank?

Or commute 2 hours each way to a remote branch of the bank, just to get better work?

What about hustling your way into the mining industry, even after you’ve had solid full-time finance experience?

The answer to all those better be “yes,” because our interviewee today – Jerry Huang – had to do all of that and more when he first broke into the industry.

I’m not sure if he owns a gold mine yet, but just give it a few hours…

Natural resources is always a “different” sector, and in this comprehensive interview he breaks down metals & mining corporate development and investor relations, including:

  • The windy path he took to break into metals & mining in Canada.
  • How recruiting differs in natural resources, especially at smaller companies.
  • What an average day in the corporate finance team of a natural resources company is like.
  • How JV and asset-level deals differ from acquisitions of entire companies, and how you think about each of them differently.

Let’s get the shovels out and start digging:

From Call Center to Corporate Development: Mining for Gold