2015 Mid-Year Reader Q&A: Interview Trends, the Forest (f)or the Trees, the Perfect Candidate, Summer Internship Upgrades, TV Shows, and More

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2015 Mid-Year Reader Q&ASo it’s already one day past the midpoint of the year, which can mean only one thing: time for another question-and-answer session.

Even though I wrote about how interviews have changed less than a year ago, I’m already seeing a few new trends worth noting.

One of the big ones is that many candidates fail to see the forest for the trees and focus on tiny details at the expense of major problems.

After I laugh at a few of the more ridiculous questions, we also address:

  • How to become the perfect candidate for the job;
  • More on upgrading your bank following a summer internship;
  • Criticism and complaints and my responses;

And the most important topic of all: my immense disappointment with Season 5 of Game of Thrones (I call it like it is, even when I’m a fan).

Interview Trends, 2015 Edition

From Insurance Sales to Investment Banking: How to Make Up for an Unknown School, a Low GPA, and No Relevant Internships

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Sales to Investment BankingWhat background makes it toughest to break into finance?



The back office?

Being a male escort in Tokyo?

Each of those careers presents different challenges.

But there’s one particular background that bankers do not like: insurance, and specifically insurance sales.

If you attend a university where “everyone” does it, though, you could easily end up doing it as well.

Our reader today had it even worse:

  • He went to a school that was completely off the radar of large banks.
  • He had a low GPA (3.4) below the minimum that most banks required.
  • He had a total of 0 relevant internships.
  • And he only made a serious effort after junior-year recruiting had finished up.

Despite all that, he recently won a full-time offer at a boutique bank.

And he has a few ideas on how to overcome all these challenges if you’re in a similar position:

Falling Into Insurance Sales

How to Switch Banks and Upgrade Your Full-Time Offer with Investment Banking Accelerated Interviews

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Investment Banking Accelerated InterviewsSo you made it through summer internship recruiting…

You submitted your resume 131 times….

You interviewed at 21 different banks…

And in the end, you got an internship offer.

It wasn’t exactly the bank you wanted to work at, but you outperformed many other students.

And now you’ve started your internship, you’ve been there a few weeks, and you’re already thinking about what’s next.

Specifically, you want to “upgrade” and move to a bigger and better-known bank with more prestige, better exit opportunities, and, uh, whatever else it offers.

So how do you do it?

First: Do You Really Want to Do This?