Internet and New Media Investment Banking: Something Old Meets Something New

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Internet New Media Investment BankingIf you tweet, they will retweet.

And if the big banks and the old school sectors are no longer “hot,” bankers will start up dozens of smaller boutiques…

…All focused on one of the hottest sectors around: internet and new media.

Sure, we’ve covered the TMT sector before, but this sub-sector deserves special treatment because of the prevalence of boutique internet and new media banks.

If everyone’s starting a boutique focused on this sector, there must be something to it – right?

Our interviewee today came from an undergraduate engineering program, and has covered the sector from both an investment banking and an equity research perspective.

Among other things, he’ll explain:

  • Why so many professionals are starting internet / new media boutique banks, what it means, and why you should care.
  • How to get into this space, and why you still probably don’t want to create a video resume…
  • Key drivers and valuation criteria for internet and new media companies.
  • Where to go after you log out, put away your smartphone, tablet, and smartwatch, and get back to reality.

Recruiting Reloaded: How to Get Into Internet / New Media Investment Banking (or not)

How Finance Interviews Have Changed in the Past 5 Years (2009 – 2014) – and How to Prepare

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Finance Interviews - Changes from 2009 to 2014“Change.”

Saying it over and over again might just get you elected President…

…and it might also sink your chances in finance interviews if you’re not properly prepared.

People like to claim that “interviews don’t change over time,” and that’s partially true.

But the recruiting process itself, interviewers’ expectations for you, and the way they evaluate you definitely change over time.

Of course, it’s not just the interviewer and the questions he/she asks that determine your fate – it’s also determined by the quality of other interviewees (your competition).

So to answer this question of how interviews have changed in the past 5 years, you need to look at how the recruiting process itself has changed, and how people themselves are changing and preparing differently.

What Is This Based On? How Do You Know This?

How to Write the Equity Sales Team Memo: The Best Part of Working in ECM?

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Equity Sales Team MemoIf you work in an equity capital markets team, one thing’s for certain: you will know how to raise capital like nobody else can.

Writing memos, one might say, will be the ace up your sleeve.

The good news is that these “equity sales team memos” are shorter than many of the documents you write for M&A deals, like CIMs (confidential information memorandums) and OMs (offering memorandums).

The bad news is that while there are some interesting parts, it’s still not exactly rocket science…

But hey, you need to do them if you’re a junior banker in capital markets.

We’ll walk through why and when you would write these, how to set them up and structure them, and the differences for different types of equity offerings in this tutorial:

Equity: When to Issue, and How to Issue It