Boutique vs Bulge Bracket Banks: 2015 Edition

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Boutique vs Bulge Bracket BanksAre you irritated by the lack of dates on this site?

It can be annoying.

But there’s a specific reason for it: relatively little changes over time with many topics, and I don’t like to introduce bias against older articles just because “they’re old.”

That works for tutorials on walking through your resume, or networking effectively, or even answering case study questions…

…but it doesn’t work for everything.

One area where it hasn’t held up as well is the comparison between different types of banks: how boutique banks differ from middle-market and bulge bracket firms.

A lot of the points in previous articles on this topic are still true, but the case for boutiques looks better than it ever has before – in terms of deals, advisory fees, and yes, even bonuses.

Here’s what happened and where we’re at now:

What Just Happened: Financial Crises and Regulators Killed the Bulge Bracket Star

Investment Banking in Hong Kong vs. London: Got Tax Savings?

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Investment Banking Hong Kong vs LondonSo, should you work in Asia?

Or is it better to work in a major financial center in a developed country?

The debate rages among university students, MBA students, and anonymous people online, so there’s only one way to settle this question: ask someone who’s had experience doing both.

Our reader today worked across the power & utilities and renewables groups in both London and Hong Kong, and knows all about the trade-offs of both regions – plus, how you get in and “fit in” on the job.

Let’s get started with the full break-down:

London Recruiting: Got Spring Weeks?

How to Get Brutally Honest Feedback and Double Your Results in Interviews, On the Job, and More

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How to Get Honest FeedbackDo you know the #1 obstacle you face in winning offers, getting promoted, or even starting a business?

You might be tempted to say, “Pitching myself and telling my story properly,” or “Getting to know the right people,” or “Making a product people actually want.”

And all of those could be obstacles.

But there’s one obstacle that exacerbates everything above and makes it much tougher to fix:

You cannot get brutally honest feedback.

I’ve seen this one firsthand because approximately 90% of the emails we receive contain some variation of: “I didn’t get job offer X or promotion Y or interview Z. What should I do next?”

My response is always the same: “OK, so why did you not succeed? Have you asked anyone for feedback? Have you heard anything?”

And then the person stops responding, sends back a vague response like “lack of fit with the team,” or indicates that he/she has not asked for honest feedback at all.

This is a big problem because you will never be able to improve, or even target more appropriate areas, until you get this type of feedback.

Here’s how to do it properly, get real feedback, and then use it to improve your performance in all areas:

Why Is It So Hard to Get Brutally Honest Feedback?