2014 Mid-Year Reader Q&A: Accelerated Recruiting, Private Equity Recruiting, Story Makeovers, VP-Level Recruiting, and More

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Reader Q&A: Accelerated Recruiting, Private Equity, and VP-Level RecruitingThe last time we did a Q&A, Bitcoin was worth… actually, about what it’s worth right now.

Surprise, surprise.

Since we’re back to that level, it seems like a great time for another round of questions and answers!

Among other topics, we zip through:

  • How to position yourself for full-time recruiting, coming from a lackluster internship.
  • The merits of quitting a new job within the first week (hint: there are none).
  • Story makeovers at all levels – undergrad, MBA, and post-MBA.
  • How to position yourself for IB/PE roles if you’ve had 10+ years of experience in corporate finance.
  • PE recruiting and case studies, because everyone always wants to break in even if there’s a zombie apocalypse.
  • And my usual responses to snarky comments, criticism, and requests for things I don’t want to do.

Let’s go:

Climbing the Ladder: Accelerated Recruiting and Accelerated Quitting

“Great Communication Skills”: Talk Your Way Into Top Bonuses?

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Investment Banking Communication SkillsHow do you win first place?

Do you need natural talent?

A rigorous training schedule?

Does it come down to your drive?

Ask any investment banking or corporate strategy professional what it takes to succeed on the job (read: what it takes to earn top tier bonus), and you’ll hear a few themes over and over again:

  • Attention to detail
  • Solid technical / Excel / analytical skills
  • A good attitude
  • Time management
  • Teamwork

But there’s one overlooked soft skill that’s critical to all of those: communication.

If you can’t explain a mistake you just found, no one will acknowledge your attention to detail.

If you can’t persuade your teammates to work well together, no one will know that you’re a team player.

And if you can’t summarize your technical analysis in simple terms, no one will care how many scenarios your Excel model supports.

So communication skills are vital.

But no one ever explains exactly how to “communicate effectively” when you’re in the finance industry.

Let’s start by explaining that precisely, and then look at a senior banker meeting gone disastrously wrong – and what you can do to fix it:

What are “Good Communication Skills”?

Space & Satellite Investment Banking: The Best Way to Meet Elon Musk and Get a Free Shuttle to Jupiter?

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Space Satellite Investment BankingSpace.

The final frontier.

These are the voyages of the…

OK, OK, never mind, back to your cubicle now.

You’ll never make it into outer space if you go into a standard investment banking role, but you might come close if you join the space & satellite advisory group.

Even if you don’t win free tickets for a Jupiter-bound shuttle, there are plenty of other benefits:

  • You get to see plenty of creative business plans – asteroid mining, moon landings, and whatever Elon Musk’s next idea is.
  • You’ll gain experience working on large M&A deals and financings, even if you’re at a smaller firm.
  • If you want to try something different, you could always move into related areas like telecom, aerospace, or industrials coverage.
  • And yes, maybe one day you’ll get invited to a closing dinner on Mars.

Let’s jump into orbit:

3, 2, 1, Liftoff…