Defenders vs. Pillagers: How to Pick the Right Senior Bankers to Work With

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Investment Banking Team StructureWhat really determines your success on the job?

Is it your technical skills?

Your communication abilities?

Or your attention to detail?

All of those play a role, but if you ask anyone who has worked full-time for a few years, they’ll give you a much different response:

Your team.

Your senior team members could make your life completely miserable…

…or they could make your job tolerable, keep you sane, and help you get promotions or good exit opportunities.

The good news is that you do have some control over your team and the senior bankers you work with.

So your success will come down to your ability to identify Defenders and Pillagers and then work with them – or avoid them – successfully.

Why Does This Matter? And What Exactly is a “Defender” or a “Pillager”?

Latin America M&A and Restructuring: Family-Owned Businesses Meet Sovereign Defaults?

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Latin America M&A and RestructuringIf you want to work in finance and never get bored, there’s a simple solution: go to Latin America.

Or at the very least, work in a US-based coverage team for Latin America.

You’ll get to deal with stubborn business owners with delusions of grandeur, unreliable information, and even the occasional sovereign default.

On the other hand, it might also be a good way to get a work visa for the US – especially if you’re from one of the countries covered by these groups.

Today, a reader shares his story of getting into a Latin America M&A and Restructuring Team, what it’s like advising on deals in the Caribbean, and yes, even what to do if you’re an international student seeking a work visa right now:

Arriving in Latin America

How to Get Into Private Equity in Russia, and What to Do Next

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Russia Private EquityOut of all the country-specific articles I’ve published, the one that generated the most controversy – by far – was the one on investment banking in Russia.

No one could agree on the salaries and bonuses paid by different banks, whether or not you need to know the language, or even how much vodka you have to drink to understand the industry.

So I decided to jump back into the well of controversy once again, this time focusing on how one reader made the transition from audit to investment banking to private equity in Russia

…and how the finance industry there has been affected by “recent developments”:

From Business School to Audit to Investment Banking Startup