Marketing: The Most “Creative” Investment Banking Exit Opportunity?

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Marketing vs. Corporate FinanceMarketing?!!

Probably not the first department that springs to mind when you think of “investment banking exit opportunities.”

But if you’ve ever dreamed of becoming Don Draper and continuing to hone your Level 99 Excel skills at the same time, it might be right up your alley.

In the 1960s, marketing actually resembled Mad Men: a bunch of “creatives” coming up with magazine and TV ads for clients, and then drinking martinis at work while having an affair or three.

Today, though, marketing is ruled by numbers – and in the digital realm, spreadsheets are king.

And as traditional finance opportunities have become less appealing over time, former bankers and consultants have been hopping on the marketing train and using their analytical skills and creativity to make a mark.

Marketing gets overlooked because it’s seen as “less sexy” than alternatives like corporate finance, corporate development, and business development.

But that’s a huge mistake since it’s arguably more of a front-office role than some of those – and a more creative one as well.

Here’s how you can become Don Draper:

Marketing 101: What Is It? And Who Gets In?

Investment Banking in Ireland: The Best Way to Advise on Pharmaceutical M&A Mega Deals?

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Investment Banking IrelandDo you believe the league tables?

In other words, if one country or industry has a lot of deal activity, does that mean there are substantial M&A deals there?

You might say, “Yes,” or, perhaps, “They’re not perfect, but the league tables are roughly correct.”

But there are always exceptions.

One big example is Ireland, where the deal lists might have you believing that the country is a hotbed for massive pharmaceutical M&A deals.

But the story on the ground is quite different since these companies are not really in Ireland – they’re headquartered there simply for tax purposes.

And actual Irish investment banks are rarely involved with these transactions.

So to get the real story on investment banking, M&A, and private equity in Ireland, I recently sat down with a reader who works in corporate finance there.

Among other topics, we delve into:

  • What the finance industry is like, including the most common deal types and industries.
  • The top firms, both local and global, and how Big 4 firms compare with investment banks.
  • The most common paths into the industry, and why accountants get so much love.
  • Similarities and differences with UK-based firms.

Breaking Into Corporate Finance in Ireland

What’s in a Real Estate Private Equity Case Study?

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Real Estate Private Equity Case StudyCan you find anything online?

With many subjects, the answer is “yes” or “almost.”

But it’s still quite difficult to find information on certain topics, one of which is real estate private equity.

You can find academic research, textbooks, and whitepapers from professors, but what about actual examples of RE PE case studies you could get in interviews?

That’s tougher.

But I want to give away for free as much as humanly possible – especially when the information is hard to find elsewhere.

So I’m going to share with you an example of a real estate private equity case study, the solution file, and the explanation for how you could finish this exercise on your own.

All you have to do is keep reading:

RE PE Case Studies 101