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Working As An Investment Banker | On The Job Articles

You can find everything you need to know about what it’s like to work in investment banking below.

Although the focus of the site has shifted toward other fields of finance over time, there are still hundreds of articles on investment banking – from the hours and pay to the culture and what you do on the job.

And while most content these days is related to other industries, we do still continue to write a fair amount about the investment banking profession.

Bonuses, Salaries & Money

We don’t do this for love: if you’re working at a bank, you’re doing it to make bank.

Day in the Life and Week in the Life Accounts & Stories

Everything from trips to Starbucks to fixing printers: it’s all here, in all its glory. From awful days to great days to everything in between.

Lingo, Culture & Staying Alive

If you want to be a banker, you need to understand the lingo, the culture, and how to get your hands on a solid supply of cocaine.

The Work Itself

Believe it or not, some readers are actually interested in what you do as an investment banker, as opposed to how much you get paid or how much coke you snort.

So in this category, we go over everything from how you win clients to how you make pitch books to how to slack off and barely do anything at work but still make a ton of money.

Preparing for Work

So you’ve got an internship or full-time job offer lined up… now what do you to prepare in advance and beat the competition? That’s what we cover here.

Summer Internships

Find out what you do as a summer intern, how to avoid screwing up, and how to get a full-time offer.

How to Quit Your Job

Only 2 things in life are certain: death and taxes. For investment bankers, getting fired or quitting is an additional certainty.

Random Misfortune & Mistakes

This one’s a collection of horror stories about working as a banker – plus, what happens when bankers screw up and make huge mistakes that sink the economy, or at least their own bonuses.

The Hierarchy & Promotions

How to play the office politics game and make sure you’re moving up the ladder without stepping on any toes. Oh, plus a lot of references to all the TV shows I’m obsessed with.