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Coming Up Next

We’re going to take a break from networking for awhile (What else could we possibly cover now?) and discuss business school, lateral hiring (this must be one of the most common email requests received on this site) and other topics.

Meanwhile, you can browse the newly redesigned and upgraded Breaking Into Wall Street site and check out all the additions we’ve made to the modeling course right here.

There are now 34 hours of video instruction vs. 10 back in April, and 50 advanced modeling videos on the Microsoft-Yahoo proposed deal in 2008 as well as 33 Excel tutorial videos.

I’m also releasing something else that is badly needed and which will be completely free in the next few weeks.

I’d offer to give you a free prize if you can guess what it is, but I’m just about out of prizes to give out… maybe you can get credits redeemable toward anything else released here in the future. :)

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About the Author

Brian DeChesare is the Founder of Mergers & Inquisitions and Breaking Into Wall Street. In his spare time, he enjoys memorizing obscure Excel functions, editing resumes, obsessing over TV shows, traveling like a drug dealer, and defeating Sauron.

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  1. Quick question: For FT analysts, what do you think will provide better PE exit opps…elite boutique (ghl/moelis/evr) non-NY, very small (less than 15 person office) or BAML/Citi NY?

    1. Both should be about the same. I would decide based on location in that case.

  2. great stuff, bought it on monday been going through the stuff the whole week.
    Just downloaded one of the new guides, I am amazed.
    Truly recommendable for everyone, go out there and buy this stuff, you wont regret it.

    Thanks Brian

    1. Cool, glad you’ve found it helpful!

  3. In my summer internship I used my bosses CapIQ account and I still have his password. I’d like to search for some things now. Is it a bad idea to use it and will he figure out/what would happen to me?

    1. I’d be careful with this, because CapIQ tracks where you log in from and how many times you log in… and if 2 people log in simultaneously. Unless you really, really need to use I’d be very careful – and if you do use it, maybe wait until late at night or some other time when he won’t be using it and then only go on for a brief time to find what you’re looking for.

  4. I am in the middle of FT analyst recruiting and am not sure if I’m going to get an offer. How helpful would this be to purchase at this stage in the game? Is it too late to utilize this information and how will it be different than someone who is a junior, for example?

    1. It might be helpful for you if you end up not receiving an offer and if you have to look beyond large banks – but if you’re confident that you’ll get an offer and don’t need to do much networking now, it won’t be that helpful to you.

  5. Im currently pursuing a six month M&A internship at a well known boutique bank. My internship is scheduled to end in December and Im pretty sure the bank is not looking to hire for full time positions. So, Im currently interviewing at larger global IBs this month for their 2010 analyst intake. In interviews when asked, should I mention that my boutique is not hiring or should I say that I would rather work in a larger global bank, giving the impression that i’m not interested in working for the boutique even if they make an offer in December when I end this internship?

    1. Don’t say they’re not hiring – just say you’re doing well but would rather work for a larger bank.

      1. Thanks! I decided to ask after reading your article on “What to do if you dont get a full time offer”. I guess I’m lucky that my internship is still on-going so i can circumvent that issue. Also, your interview guide came in handy the very next day after I bought it when I was asked one of your technical questions!

        1. Cool, glad to hear the guide was helpful. Yeah I think since the internship is on-going you’re fine saying whatever for your answer.

  6. Summer Analyst

    Tell me a joke.

    1. Still working on that one…

  7. Hand over that 400 questions, yo! hahaha~

    1. Not done writing it yet!

  8. FAQ concerning M&A, recruiting and cv? Including the “correct” answers?

    1. Getting warmer, but way more useful than a mere FAQ. I wouldn’t pre-announce something like that. :)

      1. Could is be a list of useless things to not spend time on, and instead advice on things that people should be focusing on instead to stand out from everyone else?

        1. I wrote an article on the 80/20 rule awhile back – this is way better than just a list. :)

        2. Thanks for answering my email!

  9. Is the “much needed” item a forum for members to pose questions and hold general discussions about IB? Seems like a good way to cut down on repeat inquiries flooding your inbox every week…

    1. Unmoderated/free forums can be dangerous – I’ve thought about it before, but WallStreetOasis already does it very well. I generally only do something if I think there’s a problem with existing products/services (hence this site, the modeling course, interview guide, networking course, etc.).

      It is sort of related to repeat inquiries, but very indirectly.

  10. Summer Analyst

    Do I need to go get a PhD in Finance to get into banking? What are some of the exotic distressed M&A deals that I have to study the technicals of? Can I round my GPA from 3.79 to 3.8? Is the banking hours that bad? Am I too old?

    1. Yes, to all of the above. :)

  11. is it a boutique directory?

    1. No, but that’s part of the Networking Ninja Toolkit above. :)

      Thought about having a free directory but the problem is banks would get annoyed if thousands of people had access to that information, so it had to be more limited.

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