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How to Become a Financial Modeling Guru and Get a 50% Discount On All Our Courses

January 2012 BIWS Platinum Special OfferLet’s get to the point: on January 13, 2012, the prices of all the industry-specific financial modeling courses (Real Estate, Oil & Gas, and Banks & Financial Institutions) on Breaking Into Wall Street are going up.

If you want to get a massive discount, become a modeling guru, and gain a big advantage over the competition, you should sign up right now.

And if you want to get a special discounted offer that I’ve never made available before – plus access to a set of free modeling tutorials on advanced material – then you need to keep reading.

UPDATE: This promotion is now over. Thanks! Click to find out about other discounts we’re currently offering.

What’s In It for You?

Put simply, advanced modeling skills make you far more valuable and improve your chances of getting hired and then out-performing everyone else on the job.

That’s certainly the case at large banks, PE firms, and hedge funds, where interviews are extremely technical – but it’s also true even at smaller firms, because they don’t want to pay you to sit around twiddling your thumbs and not knowing what to do.

They want you to hit the ground running because it saves them time and money and it lets them make more money if you already know what you’re doing.

Got Skepticism?

If you’ve read this site for a while you know that I don’t enjoy hyping up my own products and services, and I rarely even write promotional posts.

Occasionally I announce something or reference a product, but this is not like Motley Fool where you’re assaulted with “great investment opportunities” constantly.

You’ll also know that for a long time I was skeptical of learning financial modeling and of self-study courses in general.

But then I spoke with more and more readers and I realized they were actually helpful – and that there was value in learning the concepts rather than just memorizing interview questions and answers.

And then readers mentioned that talking about case studies and self-study courses actually helped them in interviews and with landing offers, so I reversed my stance in 2009 and started releasing my own courses.

At first we started out with the basics – Excel, accounting, valuation, and so on – and then expanded into more advanced material and industry-specific lessons.

If you want to see exactly how these courses will help you, what you’ll learn, and what’s in it for, enter your first name and email address below to get a set of 4 free tutorials on industry-specific financial modeling over the next 2 weeks:

UPDATE: This promotion is now over and these free tutorials are now closed. Thanks!

The Bad News

The bad news is that prices on the industry-specific modeling programs (Oil & Gas, Banks & Financial Institutions, and Real Estate) are going up.

Right now they are all $97, and they will be increasing to $247 on January 13, 2012.

The current pricing had always been intended as a special introductory offer if you signed up early – within the first year of release.

Two of the programs have now been out for over a year, and we’re closing in on a year for the third one. So the introductory discount period is about to end.

Similar programs offered by competitors are often $500+, with some running even higher than that.

That’s because the content is more specific, harder to find elsewhere, and also makes you more valuable once you master it.

Lots of people can walk through how to value a generic company or how the 3 statements link together, but few people can explain the nuances of revenue recognition for an insurance company or how a NAV model works for oil & gas companies.

And that gives you a big advantage over the competition in interviews – just ask a reader who recently moved from a Big 4 firm to a bulge bracket bank, in part by leveraging the Oil & Gas Modeling course.

The Good News

The good news is that you still have 2 weeks to take advantage of these introductory rates. So if you’re interested in just one or two of these industry-specific courses, go to the course listing page and sign up now.

And if you want to learn more and get a set of 4 free financial modeling tutorials, enter your first name and email address below:

UPDATE: This promotion is now over and these free tutorials are now closed. Thanks!

You’ll learn all about why financial modeling matters and what it can do for you, and then you’ll get specific tutorials on commercial banks, insurance firms, oil & gas companies, and real estate over the next 2 weeks.

Plus, you’ll get sample videos for all of those industries and tutorials for the core modeling topics.

And One More Thing… Your Special Offer

If you’re already a member of BIWS, you can already sign up for members-only rates within the sites and take advantage of great deals on all these programs.

But if you’re new to this site and to our modeling courses, you can sign up for a special bundle that gives you access to everything at a nearly 50% discount: the BIWS Premium, PowerPoint Pro, Bank & Financial Institution Modeling, Oil & Gas Modeling, and Real Estate & REIT Modeling programs, and the Interview and Networking Guides.

UPDATE: This promotion is now over. Thanks!

If you signed up for this material elsewhere, you’d get a fraction of what’s covered in this package, and you would learn nothing about these industry-specific concepts.

For less than what competitors with $500+ programs charge, you get 4-5x more material, lifetime access, free updates to all the courses over time, and access to thousands of questions that have been asked and already been answered – plus the ability to ask whatever else you want.

What You Should Do Right Now

UPDATE: This promotion is now over and these free tutorials are now closed. Thanks!

In any case, make sure you act by January 13, 2012 at 5 PM New York time because the prices go up then.

Any questions? Ask away.

UPDATE: This promotion is now over. Please subscribe to the Banker Blueprint to be the first to hear about future promotions!

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Brian DeChesare is the Founder of Mergers & Inquisitions and Breaking Into Wall Street. In his spare time, he enjoys memorizing obscure Excel functions, editing resumes, obsessing over TV shows, traveling like a drug dealer, and defeating Sauron.

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  1. Any thoughts on adding a PE type of case study. Including stuff like how to think about management options and when they strike, what kind of security does the sponsor come in at (preferred vs common). Also modeling stuff like convertible pik preferred and more mezz/hybid instruments etc. This will be useful for current analysts prepping for PE interviews. Could even be a model template and not a case study.

    1. There are actually multiple PE case studies already for deals like TPG / J Crew and Apax / Kinetic Concepts. I didn’t list everything on that page since it’s a short summary. But the Fundamentals/Advanced courses have a number of case studies.

      Preferred, PIK, and other debt tranches are covered in the Advanced LBO course.

  2. Hi Brian,

    Does all the future programs mean any new industry specific courses you’ll add as well ? I am already a member, so was just wondering if there is some other way for me to get access to all the future programs ?

    1. We will send an announcement next week that gives the option of upgrading your membership to take advantage of this offer.

      1. Thanks!!

  3. Hi Brian, just wondering if the price hike applies only to the industry specific modeling courses, or to ALL of your courses.

    1. Just the industry-specific courses.

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