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Cost of Capital Premiere EventBet you never thought you’d see photos from a Hollywood premiere party on this site, right?


But I wanted to share some photos from the party in LA a few days ago.

I was surprised myself, but it turns out that you can attract large crowds of people when you offer up a black tie event, plus plenty of free alcohol.

Cast & Crew Photos

Here’s a quick run-down of some of the key cast and crew, and the characters they play in the upcoming series.

Josh Shibata, who plays Leonard – the non-coked out banker.

Our host – Cyndee San Luis.

Timothy Guest, who plays Robert (Founding Partner of the PE firm) along with our producers Goldie Chan and Allison Vanore.

Cyndee interviewing Sharon Gardner, who plays Nancy, a high-powered CEO.

Jordan Butcher, who plays Todd, a banker with some… interesting… habits, along with Leonard and a model (Valerie Hinkle) they just picked up while clubbing.

Yes, those are Vodka Red Bulls.

Sam Martin, who plays Jason (our lead), plus Kevin Ashworth, who plays his boss David – think “Patrick Bateman meets Don Draper.”

Our producer Goldie, plus Jennie Marie from our crew.

Jordan and his lady friend.

NOTE: Finance is NOT a male-dominated industry. Really…

Group shot! Our actors, producers, and our director.

Jason Weiss, who plays Byron, Todd and Leonard’s boss – with “the appropriate arm candy.”

Sharon Gardner (Nancy) and her friend.

Hot guys, hot girls, together, just having a great time… oh wait, AJ isn’t even here.

Cost of Capital – Episodes 1 and 2, Coming Monday

Episodes 1 and 2 will be up on the site on this coming Monday (September 17, 2012), and we’ll release one episode per week for each week after that.

If you’ve already signed up for our newsletter, you’ll receive notification as soon as new episodes are available.

And if you want even more, check out the Cost of Capital page and sign up for the series-specific mailing list.

I can’t promise models, but we do have some extra Cost of Capital-themed champagne bottles, so…

And One More Thing…

In an attempt to make this post somewhat relevant to the rest of the site, I’ll leave you with one two parting thoughts:

1. Never overestimate the competition.

Remember that contest we ran to promote the trailer a few weeks ago?

I contacted all the winners and most of them responded with their shipping addresses and other information (yes, champagne bottles are being sent out soon)…

But guess what?

A few people actually didn’t respond at all, and one or two who did respond indicated that they didn’t even want a free prize.

No, I’m not making this up – free champagne bottles were rejected.

And then of the winners, only a few actually showed up at the premiere party – we had over 200 people there but most were not readers of the site.

True, not everyone who won was in LA or could easily get there, but I’m sure that at least a few were in California and could have made it there… which leads me into the next point.

2. Always meet in-person.

This applies not just to networking, but also to reaching out to busy people in general.

There’s nothing wrong with emailing or calling bankers / executives / anyone else you need to contact…

But your results will be much better if you meet them in-person first and then follow-up after that.

Many professionals view unsolicited emails and calls as “spam,” and only pay attention to what they hear about in-person or from trusted contacts.

At this event, for example, I spoke with a few dozen people who all came from different backgrounds.

Some were interested in doing film projects, some were interested in the site or the series itself, and some just wanted to buy me free drinks (I never say no to that one, especially when the offers are coming from models).

But I listened to all of them for at least a few minutes – you can’t just “ignore” someone who approaches you at an event like this, which makes it completely different from the usual email / call tactics.

True, I might not respond to everyone who contacted me afterward, but your chances are much higher if you make that initial contact in-person.

Or you could just sit behind your computer and keep emailing people all day – up to you.

See you on Monday.

Cost of Capital – The Entire Series:

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is the Founder of Mergers & Inquisitions and Breaking Into Wall Street. In his spare time, he enjoys learning obscure Excel functions, editing resumes, obsessing over TV shows, and traveling so much that he's forced to add additional pages to his passport on a regular basis.

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35 Comments to “Cost of Capital: The Premiere Party”


  1. Dan says

    Will there be anyway to re-watch episodes, if we are not able to catch them the first time they are streamed? If I miss an episode, I’d like to go back and re-watch it. Thank you!

  2. Ankit says

    Hey, brian…awesome party.You in the group photo……sooo coool
    Sorry I could not make it.I live in india.But all my wishes are with you..All the best and God bless.

  3. May says


    You should make a very special pic of yourself ALONE!! ( a la Bond style…) you are the master of the finances on this messy earth, dont you??? Im still stucked in London…..Get closer to this island, and then we can chat


      • Glen says

        Quick question: I applied to an IBD program and the final date for applications is Sept.30. Will calls for first interviews be made prior to or after this date? At what point after the 30th should I not hold out any hope of getting called for first rounds? (ie – late October?)

  4. Nader Nazemi says

    Can’t believe I missed the Premier. Wanted to meet the MAN, BRIAN in person just to say hi and thank him for all his efforts both on this site and Breaking into wall street. Without it we would have lost. :)

  5. Tam says

    Looks like it was an awesome premiere-party! Definitely something to celebrate. The trailer resembles Wall street/American psycho with an edge- can’t wait to tune in to the Cost of Captial series!

    Brian- thanks for all the articles/emails/insight/tips and so much more! All that- with a sense of wit and humour intertwined within your style of writing, has been such wonderful reads.
    Without it, I would’ve had so much more difficulty landing a job in banking while still at university. You and your team deserve every bit of success and recognition.

    Wish you the very best in all endeavours!

    • says

      Yeah the IMDB thing is strange we have no idea how it happened. Lots of trolls voting 1 even though no one has even seen it yet (I love the Internet).

      Yeah somehow my name is attached to that short but I have no idea why as I didn’t do anything for it.

  6. Fabrício Negrão says


    Congrats man. I’m really happy for you.

    The 2 first episodes rocked. Can’t wait for the others.

    Cheers man. You’re the guy.

  7. SadMunky says

    Im lovin the vids Brian,
    you da man. I had the chance to use all your wisdom in my freshman year but my porn and video game addiction held me significantly back and now im a senior with only 3 interviews had so far and 1 of which got back to me with a rejection already, hoping for the best for the remaining two though.
    What part did you have in this show? writer? ideas?
    anyways man love the vids, love your website, love you.
    If you play diablo 3 let me know, im currently up to hell hardcore lvl 51.

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