Bottle Service, How to Become a Guest Star on Entourage, Buy-Side Lifestyle, and How NOT to Be a Tool When Networking… and More Q&A

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Bottle serviceWith summer internships drawing to a close and another round of full-time recruiting about to start, I’m getting a lot of questions on last-minute networking, how to prepare for interviews if you’ve had an internship, and what to do if you’re not getting a full-time offer.

And then there’s the usual bout of bottle service, “lifestyle” and related questions…

Buy-Side Lifestyle

1. I heard that when you get into private equity, you instantly start dating models and everyone from taxi drivers to restaurant chefs begins to worship you. Does anything else cool happen?

All About the Back Office, Recovering from Networking Mistakes, and How to Find the Right Kind of Yerba Mate… and More Questions and Answers

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networking_mistakesOk, so is the back office actually a 9-5 job? What about going to the back office vs. starting your own investment fund? What if you’ve made a horrible impression on alumni when networking – is there any way to recover?

Oh, and most importantly, what brand of yerba mate will allow you to pull all-nighters most easily?

Answers to all of those and more, below…

Options, Options, and More Options…

No, not those options. Rather, what are your options even if you think you have none?

Breaking Into Private Equity from Business Development, Getting Into Finance from the Military, and More Random Questions… Answered

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One question I’ve been seeing a lot lately is how to move into finance if you’re not just out of undergraduate or business school – if you’ve been working for some time and have built up a track record and network.

It’s very difficult to make that type of move these days, simply due to the number of unemployed ex-bankers/consultants/other financiers you’re competing with – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

You just have to target the right types of firms and use the right strategy, as we’ll see below.

Moving Into Private Equity / Investment Banking from Business Development