Breaking Into Private Equity from Business Development, Getting Into Finance from the Military, and More Random Questions… Answered

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One question I’ve been seeing a lot lately is how to move into finance if you’re not just out of undergraduate or business school – if you’ve been working for some time and have built up a track record and network.

It’s very difficult to make that type of move these days, simply due to the number of unemployed ex-bankers/consultants/other financiers you’re competing with – but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

You just have to target the right types of firms and use the right strategy, as we’ll see below.

Moving Into Private Equity / Investment Banking from Business Development

Reader Q&A: Financial Modeling, Breaking In No Matter What, Venture Capital and Crazy People (No Relation)

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This week, we cover financial modeling, what to do if you’re still looking for internships or jobs at this late stage, how to decide on offers if you actually have them, a bunch of questions on venture capital (and private equity), and then the usual roundup of nonsensical questions (always my favorite part).

1. Do you have an opinion on which financial modeling product is best?

Yeah, I don’t like any of them. In the past I used to give a vague answer here, but now I’ve looked at them in detail and talked to customers who have used them, and I’ve come to the conclusion that nothing out there is that great.

Teaching English in Asia as Your “Plan B”, Superdays, Finance in India, Private Equity Recruiting, and More Questions and Answers

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I arrived back in the US this week (and was already bored within 48 hours, maybe I should just accelerate this move to Asia) and realized we hadn’t done a reader Q&A in quite awhile.

This week we’ll cover a broader set of questions than usual, on everything from your backup plan (if finance doesn’t work out) to Superdays, banking in India, schooling, PE recruiting, lawyers vs. bankers, and even some pictures of my travels to Asia (wouldn’t it be crazy if I posted those?).

Your “Plan B” If Banking Doesn’t Work Out

With the market still suffering and recruiting way down at banks, you need to think about your “Plan B” no matter what your qualifications are.