2014 Mid-Year Reader Q&A: Accelerated Recruiting, Private Equity Recruiting, Story Makeovers, VP-Level Recruiting, and More

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Reader Q&A: Accelerated Recruiting, Private Equity, and VP-Level RecruitingThe last time we did a Q&A, Bitcoin was worth… actually, about what it’s worth right now.

Surprise, surprise.

Since we’re back to that level, it seems like a great time for another round of questions and answers!

Among other topics, we zip through:

  • How to position yourself for full-time recruiting, coming from a lackluster internship.
  • The merits of quitting a new job within the first week (hint: there are none).
  • Story makeovers at all levels – undergrad, MBA, and post-MBA.
  • How to position yourself for IB/PE roles if you’ve had 10+ years of experience in corporate finance.
  • PE recruiting and case studies, because everyone always wants to break in even if there’s a zombie apocalypse.
  • And my usual responses to snarky comments, criticism, and requests for things I don’t want to do.

Let’s go:

Climbing the Ladder: Accelerated Recruiting and Accelerated Quitting

Will Bitcoin Displace the US Dollar? And More Reader Q&A on Networking Overseas, Degree Programs, Responding to the Haters, and More

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2013 End of Year Q&A: Bitcoin EditionI was recently back in Korea and found myself in the same exact coffee shop where I wrote 100+ articles, edited 100+ hours of video, and also answered hundreds of reader questions “back in the day” in 2009-2010.

It was so nostalgic that I said, “Hmm, well, it’s been a year already – might as well do another one of these reader Q&As.”

So here we are.

It’s a lightning round of questions on networking, degrees and certifications (my favorite topic in the world), with some responses to the haters and trolls as well.

But let’s start by talking about the top financial news story of 2013: Bitcoin.

Will it take over the world?

Is it going to displace the US Dollar / other currencies / gold?

Or is it just another tulip bubble waiting to burst and smother everyone in toxic seeds?

My take below…

Bitcoin: World Domination?

2012 End of Year Q&A: Storytelling, Networking, Plans for Next Year, Responding to Criticism, and More

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2012 End of Year Q&ASo we’re at the end of another year, and you know what that means: no, not holiday parties, not New Year’s celebrations, and not even making fun of AJ or consultants (though all of those sound more fun than being buried in snow – my current state).

I’m talking about reader Q&A, which makes its return today.

This time around, we’ll critique a few “stories” from readers, answer the never-ending networking questions that roll in, and I’ll even respond to the usual criticism, complaints, and hateful comments that arrive like clockwork – and give you a preview of what’s coming next year.

Storytelling 101

Your “story” is the most important part of any interview, but 99% of interviewees make the same mistakes over and over again.

In dozens of mock interviews and real interviews, I’ve never heard a spectacular “story” on the first try, though some of them have been decent-to-good.

So we’ll have some fun here and look at everything from “pretty good but needs work” stories to ones that just aren’t working.

Names and identifying details have been altered or removed.