Why Financial Modeling Training is Broken – and How to Fix It and Learn More Than a 15-Year Managing Director

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Financial Modeling Training BrokenLet’s cut to the chase: the best financial modeling course ever created is almost complete.

If you sign up for it before December 19th you can save $100+ and get a good chunk of the course for free.

There have been major enhancements to many of our courses in the past year, ranging from transcripts and certifications to brand new case studies to, in the case of the Excel & Fundamentals course, a completely new course with 4x more material.

To get a free 3-part tutorial series on our new approach to “generalist” financial modeling – based on a case study of Jazz Pharmaceuticals – enter your first name and email address below:

And if you want a 3-part industry-specific tutorial series – based on a case study of Ultra Petroleum and the NAV model – enter your first name and email address below:

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You’ll receive the first part of both tutorials starting today (Monday), the 2nd tutorial on Wednesday, and the final tutorial on Friday… and faster than that if you watch each video quickly.

Then, you’ll also get every Excel model, case study, and case study solution in the new Fundamentals course – but ONLY if you’ve signed up above.

What’s the Bad News?

Distressed Debt Investing at a Boutique Firm: Better Than a Bulge Bracket Sales & Trading Offer?

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Distressed Debt InvestingIn the post-financial crisis economy, most people would be ecstatic to get a single offer on any sales & trading desk of any bulge bracket bank.

Forget about the desk itself, the type of work, the group’s performance, or the team – just winning the offer should be an amazing turn of events, right?

Maybe not.

Years ago, the bulge bracket landscape seemed more attractive – with few restrictions on trading, sky-high paydays, and even more lucrative exit opportunities.

Today, though, it’s a tougher case to make… and boutique prop trading firms are looking like ever more attractive.

Our reader today went through this process himself, won multiple offers at both bulge bracket banks and boutique trading firms, and ultimately chose to join a boutique firm that focuses on distressed debt investing.

I’ll hand it over to him to explain why and how he chose the smaller firm – and what makes distressed investing so appealing:

Multiple Options on the Table

The Wolf of Wall Street: The Best Movie About Finance Since the Original Wall Street?

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Wolf of Wall StreetWhile Wall Street and organized crime are similar in some ways – they both feature sociopaths seeking profit at the expense of morality, for example – they differ in one important aspect…

There are far more great movies about organized crime than there are about finance.

So I was especially curious when one of the world’s top directors – and the force behind arguably the best movie of all-time about organized crime – turned his attention to Wall Street.

Would it top Goodfellas? Raging Bull? Taxi Driver?

Come on, would it at least be better than Shutter Island?

And on the “finance movie” side, would a new champion emerge to displace the old favorites of Wall Street, Boiler Room, and Glengarry Glen Ross (and, more recently, Margin Call and Arbitrage)?

I had no idea, but I wanted to find out – and I enjoy a good helping of drugs, hookers, and midget tossing – so I decided to indulge and go see The Wolf of Wall Street.

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