Equities vs. Fixed Income in Sales & Trading: The Top 5 Myths You Should Stop Believing

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equities-vs-fixed-income-sales-tradingYou can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family.

What about your desk when you start working in sales & trading, though?

That one is somewhere in between friends and family on the “choosability” scale.

One small problem, though: if you look at most online discussions of this topic, you’ll get a very misleading view of what different groups and desks are like.

So our usual guest-for-all-things-S&T-related and I sat down to clear up the confusion.

Among other topics, we talk about how to decide between groups, how much math is required, how recruiting is different, and how the workplace environment is different… beyond just the type of trading you’re doing.

Get the full MP3 recording, the transcript, and a summary of the key points after the jump:

Equities vs. Fixed Income: Myth vs. Reality

M&I Podcast Episode 001 – Sales & Trading Compensation in 2014

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Sales Trading Compensation 2014

When I sent out an announcement a few months ago asking for questions about sales & trading, I didn’t quite expect the response we got.

That one simple email generated 500+ questions, many of which were detailed and intelligent, and therefore way above my pay grade.

To solve that problem, I brought in an associate editor who’s written several great articles on S&T in the past, including one on the equity trading floor and another on a day in the life of an options trader.

He has trading experience on both the sell-side (bulge bracket bank) and the buy-side (hedge fund), and he also managed to write the best S&T interview guide I’ve seen, plus a great guide for S&T internship prep at salesandtradingcareers.com.

We sat down to discuss the most interesting S&T-related questions first – in other words, the ones about salaries and bonuses.

Here’s what happened:

How to Win a Sales & Trading Internship in Hong Kong from a Non-Target School – Without Even Being from Asia

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Sales & Trading Internship in Hong KongOne region where it’s notoriously difficult to win internship and full-time offers is Hong Kong.

Not only are you competing with approximately half the population of mainland China (they’re even more obsessed with finance), you’re also up against candidates from other East Asian countries, plus plenty of people studying in the US, UK, and other regions.

And then there are the language tests, difficult technical questions, and the need to go there in-person for part of the interview process.

But it’s still possible to win offers there even if you have no family background in Asia and you’re coming from a non-target school.

In this wide-ranging discussion, I get an M&I reader to explain:

  • How he won a sales & trading summer internship;
  • How to network when you’re overseas; and
  • What to expect in sales & trading interviews, assessment centers, and more… in Hong Kong.

Getting Interested in Finance and Running Off to Asia