What to Expect in Your Hong Kong Sales and Trading Internship: The Hunger Games Meets the Wolf of Wall Street?

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Hong Kong Sales and Trading InternshipHave you ever read an interview here and said, “That sounds nice… but what happened to this person? Did her internship or full-time job work out? What’s she doing now?”

I have.

Luckily, I don’t have to wonder too much because readers frequently come back and update me on how everything went.

In that vein, this interview is a direct follow-up to a popular one from last year: how to win a sales & trading internship in Hong Kong.

This time around, we sit down to find out how the internship went, what our reader got out of it, and whether or not he would choose HK over NYC again.

Spoiler Alert: If you value full-time return offers, you probably want to stay away from HK…

First Impressions of the Internship

Q: When we last spoke, you were pretty optimistic heading into your internship.

Did it meet your expectations?

How to Win a Sales & Trading Internship in Hong Kong from a Non-Target School – Without Even Being from Asia

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Sales & Trading Internship in Hong KongOne region where it’s notoriously difficult to win internship and full-time offers is Hong Kong.

Not only are you competing with approximately half the population of mainland China (they’re even more obsessed with finance), you’re also up against candidates from other East Asian countries, plus plenty of people studying in the US, UK, and other regions.

And then there are the language tests, difficult technical questions, and the need to go there in-person for part of the interview process.

But it’s still possible to win offers there even if you have no family background in Asia and you’re coming from a non-target school.

In this wide-ranging discussion, I get an M&I reader to explain:

  • How he won a sales & trading summer internship;
  • How to network when you’re overseas; and
  • What to expect in sales & trading interviews, assessment centers, and more… in Hong Kong.

Getting Interested in Finance and Running Off to Asia

Sales & Trading Internships: The Top 9 Ways to Go from Internship to Full-Time Offer

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Sales & Trading Internships to Full-Time OffersThis is a guest post from “DerivsTrading,” who founded S&T Careers.com to teach you how to win bulge bracket trading interviews and offers and ace your assessment centers. He’s an experienced flow options trader currently working at a bulge bracket bank in London, and he defied the odds to break in coming from a non-target school.

Six years ago I had beaten the odds and managed to secure a trading internship at a bulge bracket bank in London coming out of a proper non-target.

I thought I was done: after all, the networking and interview prep to win the internship was the hard part, right?


An internship means nothing if you can’t convert it into a full-time offer, and it’s arguably even harder to do this in sales & trading than in investment banking.

You might be competing against 15-20 other interns who are just as qualified as you, if not more so.

And you cannot underestimate the importance of rocking your internship to win a full-time offer – in the “post-financial crisis economy” there are very few spots for graduates who were not previous interns.

Winning an offer doesn’t just get you a full-time job at the bank you interned at, but it also gives you an automatic reference for other places you want to apply to and a “Plan B” option.

There are already tons of articles on this site on how to succeed in your internship, but most of them are focused on investment banking or corporate finance roles – so I wanted to detail some of the smaller details that go into making a sales & trading internship successful.

We’re going to look at everything from your wardrobe (Brian’s favorite topic) to pre-internship preparation, food orders, networking, trading games, and more: