Sovereign Wealth Funds in Australia: The Best Way to Break into Finance off the Beaten Path?

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Sovereign Wealth Funds in AustraliaWhat do you do when you don’t fit in?

For example, what if you have so much work experience that you really don’t want to start out as a first-year analyst at a bank?

Or what if you want to work in finance, but you don’t want to “pay your dues” in investment banking at all?

And to make things even more difficult, what if you’re in a country that also has fewer opportunities?

That’s a tough one.

But our interviewee today dealt with all of those challenges and more when he won an offer at a sovereign wealth fund (SWF) in Australia, and then moved up through the ranks there.

We have received so many requests to cover sovereign wealth funds that I’m not going to give you a bulleted list of the topics we discuss – just keep reading for your full crash course:

Breaking In: How to Skip Investment Banking

What’s in a Real Estate Private Equity Case Study?

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Real Estate Private Equity Case StudyCan you find anything online?

With many subjects, the answer is “yes” or “almost.”

But it’s still quite difficult to find information on certain topics, one of which is real estate private equity.

You can find academic research, textbooks, and whitepapers from professors, but what about actual examples of RE PE case studies you could get in interviews?

That’s tougher.

But I want to give away for free as much as humanly possible – especially when the information is hard to find elsewhere.

So I’m going to share with you an example of a real estate private equity case study, the solution file, and the explanation for how you could finish this exercise on your own.

All you have to do is keep reading:

RE PE Case Studies 101

How to Get Into Private Equity in Russia, and What to Do Next

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Russia Private EquityOut of all the country-specific articles I’ve published, the one that generated the most controversy – by far – was the one on investment banking in Russia.

No one could agree on the salaries and bonuses paid by different banks, whether or not you need to know the language, or even how much vodka you have to drink to understand the industry.

So I decided to jump back into the well of controversy once again, this time focusing on how one reader made the transition from audit to investment banking to private equity in Russia

…and how the finance industry there has been affected by “recent developments”:

From Business School to Audit to Investment Banking Startup