How to Get Into Private Equity in Russia, and What to Do Next

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Russia Private EquityOut of all the country-specific articles I’ve published, the one that generated the most controversy – by far – was the one on investment banking in Russia.

No one could agree on the salaries and bonuses paid by different banks, whether or not you need to know the language, or even how much vodka you have to drink to understand the industry.

So I decided to jump back into the well of controversy once again, this time focusing on how one reader made the transition from audit to investment banking to private equity in Russia

…and how the finance industry there has been affected by “recent developments”:

From Business School to Audit to Investment Banking Startup

Why Do Private Equity Firms Recruit Young Bankers in a Frenzy Each Year? And What Should You Do About It?

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Private Equity Recruiting Season“You HAVE to accept the offer,” she shouted on the phone.

“But why? I’m not sure I even want to do private equity in the long-term,” I replied.

This was a guaranteed way to get a headhunter pissed off at you: go through multiple rounds of recruiting, get everyone at the firm to like you, and then have second thoughts at the last minute.

“You don’t understand,” she said, “Everyone in investment banking has to go into private equity. It’s just something you have to do.”

“But why?”

“It’s the only way to get into business school, and everyone does it. So you also have to do it.”

“So even if I want to do something else, like start a company, I have to work in private equity first.”


No, it’s not fiction: it’s the short version of the conversation in which I stopped believing headhunters on just about anything

…and it also explains why so many people think they “have” to enter a certain field or “have” to do certain things at certain times: everyone keeps repeating it and no one else stops to ask, “Really? Why?”

This headhunter was just plain wrong, and so is another oft-repeated notion that pops up each year: that “all private equity firms are recruiting all junior bankers in a frenzy… after the junior bankers have only worked for 6 months!”

Fact vs. Fiction: Don’t Believe the NY Times / WSJ / FT / Other Mainstream Media Sources

What’s in a Growth Equity Case Study?

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growth-equity-thumbnailThe exit.

Greener pastures.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Why else would you suffer through investment banking?

This ancient post from Leveraged Sellout sums up how most bankers used to think about exit opportunities:

“Before I became so fervent about Private Equity, I thoroughly considered all my other career options: hedge funds and VC.”

But that’s not quite true anymore: corporate exits are looking better and better… tech startups are hot… and even putting aside those recent trends, the author forgot about growth equity.

Which is a shame – because if you can’t decide between traditional private equity and venture capital / tech startups, it might be right up your alley.

In this article, you’ll learn what growth equity funds do, what to expect in case studies, and you’ll get a full growth equity case study with a video tutorial, 18-page solution, and Excel file.

You just have to keep reading: