Technology Equity Research: The Kraken of Wall Street?

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Technology Equity ResearchRight after we published that long-awaited article on equity research, the next question became:

“What about specific groups in research? What about fixed income or buy-side research?”

You’ll have to wait for those last 2 topics, but the first request is answered with this interview on technology equity research.

Our interviewee joined the tech ER team at his bank a few years’ back and now focuses on semiconductors, a sector that’s sometimes more like old-school manufacturing than over-hyped mobile apps.

Here are the circuit specifications for today’s discussion:

  • How and why you might want to join the tech equity research team rather than tech investment banking, even if you have vivid dreams of taking the next great start-up public.
  • What types of assignments you should expect – from initiating coverage reports to company notes and terminating coverage reports.
  • The frameworks and analytics used to analyze companies, and the classes that might give you a leg-up on the job.
  • Where to go when you’ve gotten tired of following quarterly earnings and you’re ready for the next move.

Design and Implementation: How to Get In

Investment Banking to Sales at a Tech Start-Up: Do Deals and Make Bank Without Ever Staring at Excel Again?

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Investment Banking to Sales at a Tech Start-UpCan you use Excel to kill someone?


But it can definitely make to want to kill yourself.

Or at least think about quitting as you pull yet another all-nighter to finish yet another “urgent” model.

If that’s you, the finance industry is probably not for you.

But you might still like working on deals in a fast-paced environment.

If you do, you have a lot in common with today’s interviewee: Nick Seaver, who moved from investment banking into an Account Executive role in the sales team at Clarizen, Inc.

Sales gets a bad reputation because people hear the word and immediately think of Glengarry Glen Ross, or pushy car salesmen.

But selling software to enterprise customers is a completely different ball game.

And it’s a great opportunity to get paid well, work in a team you like, and spend your time talking to people rather than staring at spreadsheets.

If you find a good enough role, you might even turn down multiple PE and HF offers to accept it – like our interviewee did:

How to Turn Down Multiple Private Equity and Hedge Fund Offers and Live to Tell the Tale

How to Move from the Buy-Side TO Investment Banking – Without Bribing the Chairman or Having a Well-Connected Family

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Buy-Side to Investment BankingWait, what?

Why would you ever want to do this?

Isn’t it the equivalent of dating a supermodel, and then breaking up with her and eloping with your pudgy, pimple-faced neighbor?

Not quite.

There are plenty of reasons why you’d want to move from a private equity, hedge fund, or other buy-side role back TO investment banking…

But it’s also harder than you might expect.

We’ll get to the tactics, the networking, and the interview strategies, but let’s start with the first and most obvious question:

WHY on Earth Would You Ever Want to Do This?