Metals & Mining Corporate Development and Investor Relations: Measured and Indicated Exit Opportunities?

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Metals & Mining Corporate DevelopmentWhat would you do to own your own gold mine?

Would you be willing to start out in a call center at a bank?

Or commute 2 hours each way to a remote branch of the bank, just to get better work?

What about hustling your way into the mining industry, even after you’ve had solid full-time finance experience?

The answer to all those better be “yes,” because our interviewee today – Jerry Huang – had to do all of that and more when he first broke into the industry.

I’m not sure if he owns a gold mine yet, but just give it a few hours…

Natural resources is always a “different” sector, and in this comprehensive interview he breaks down metals & mining corporate development and investor relations, including:

  • The windy path he took to break into metals & mining in Canada.
  • How recruiting differs in natural resources, especially at smaller companies.
  • What an average day in the corporate finance team of a natural resources company is like.
  • How JV and asset-level deals differ from acquisitions of entire companies, and how you think about each of them differently.

Let’s get the shovels out and start digging:

From Call Center to Corporate Development: Mining for Gold

How to Network at Events and Information Sessions When You’re Not Feeling Sociable

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Silence.Networking When You're Not Feeling Sociable


A loss for words.

You just went to an exciting event at a great venue – The Rainbow Room at Rockefeller Center – and you were certain you’d do incredibly well networking there.

You even wore your best set of clothes.

But as soon as you arrived, you felt uncomfortable and you had no idea what to say to anyone there.

To complicate things, you also didn’t know anyone else there.

And now you just bumped into an MD at Goldman Sachs and stumbled for words, embarrassing yourself in the process.

This happens all the time when you’re attending events, but if you want to network successfully you have to find a way to overcome these feelings.

After all, you stand a much better chance of meeting people, developing relationships, and winning interviews and job offers by attending events than you do by sitting behind the computer screen “leveling up” on LinkedIn all day.

So here’s the step-by-step process to follow when you’re not in a sociable mood, but you need to attend an in-person event and network anyway:

Step 1: How to Find Interesting and Useful Events in Your City

How to Position Yourself for Investment Banking as a 1st or 2nd Year University Student or High School Student: Be a Line, Not a Dot

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What to Do as a 1st/2nd Year University Student or High School Student to Get Into Investment BankingWhen do you start?

Your first year of university?

High school?

Middle school?

Elementary school?


Your mother’s womb?

No one knows, but it seems like you need to start “preparing” for your future career earlier and earlier each year.

One day, parents might start modifying their unborn babies’ DNA to give them an advantage in the recruiting process… 20 years in advance.

In the absence of time travel or genetic modifications to boost your accounting proficiency, though, you need another way to prepare long in advance of the recruiting process.

Especially if you just entered university, you’re still in high school, or (gasp) you’re even younger and just realized you want to break into finance in the future.

Wait, What? DO People Actually Start Preparing When They’re 5 Years Old?