From Law to Investment Banking: Even Better Than Starring in “Suits”?

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Law to Investment BankingIf real life imitated TV perfectly, law would be an intellectually stimulating and exciting career path for everyone.

You work with high-profile clients, try intense cases, make massive M&A deals happen, and empower the barbarians at the gate.

Except… that doesn’t quite hold up in real life.

The average corporate law job turns into a game of “How many documents can you turn, and how quickly and accurately can you turn them? Bonus points if you’re skilled with the Table of Contents feature in Word.”

Some lawyers play that game and move up the ladder, while others get bored, conclude that business is more interesting, and move into roles with more modeling and fewer “Track Changes.”

Whenever deal activity heats up and banks ramp up their hiring, more and more professionals fall into that category and move from law to investment banking.

I’ve seen that firsthand because there has been a big uptick in the number of readers and customers making that move in the past year.

A cynic might say, “We’re at the peak! If so many career changers are getting in, the bubble is about to burst!”


But even when deal activity and hiring are down, a fair number of lawyers break in – and here’s how you do it:

What’s in a Growth Equity Case Study?

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growth-equity-thumbnailThe exit.

Greener pastures.

The pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Why else would you suffer through investment banking?

This ancient post from Leveraged Sellout sums up how most bankers used to think about exit opportunities:

“Before I became so fervent about Private Equity, I thoroughly considered all my other career options: hedge funds and VC.”

But that’s not quite true anymore: corporate exits are looking better and better… tech startups are hot… and even putting aside those recent trends, the author forgot about growth equity.

Which is a shame – because if you can’t decide between traditional private equity and venture capital / tech startups, it might be right up your alley.

In this article, you’ll learn what growth equity funds do, what to expect in case studies, and you’ll get a full growth equity case study with a video tutorial, 18-page solution, and Excel file.

You just have to keep reading:

Oil & Gas Project Finance in Singapore: All the Upside of Asia, with None of the Risk?

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Oil Gas Project Finance SingaporeA power plant.

A toll road.

A new oil field that may or may not survive a military coup or a government collapse…

…and a bank contemplating which one it should lend to.

That’s a good way to describe Project Finance in Asia: lots of opportunity, if you don’t mind the occasional hiccup along the way.

We’ve covered Project Finance before, but it’s very different depending on the region you’re in, and our reader today has had unique experience in Oil & Gas and Project Finance in Singapore and mainland China.

He also broke into the finance industry coming from a consulting background – proving that even if you start out your career mining for gold in Saskatchewan, you can still end up in a much warmer place.

Here’s his story, and your crash course on Project Finance in Asia: