What to Expect in Your Hong Kong Sales and Trading Internship: The Hunger Games Meets the Wolf of Wall Street?

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Hong Kong Sales and Trading InternshipHave you ever read an interview here and said, “That sounds nice… but what happened to this person? Did her internship or full-time job work out? What’s she doing now?”

I have.

Luckily, I don’t have to wonder too much because readers frequently come back and update me on how everything went.

In that vein, this interview is a direct follow-up to a popular one from last year: how to win a sales & trading internship in Hong Kong.

This time around, we sit down to find out how the internship went, what our reader got out of it, and whether or not he would choose HK over NYC again.

Spoiler Alert: If you value full-time return offers, you probably want to stay away from HK…

First Impressions of the Internship

Q: When we last spoke, you were pretty optimistic heading into your internship.

Did it meet your expectations?

Investment Banking in Australia: Perth vs. Sydney and Melbourne

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Investment Banking AustraliaEver wish you had a “do-over?”

Extra lives in a video game when you die for the final time?

So do I.

Especially when it comes to articles on this site written very early on that weren’t quite as thorough as more recent content.

But unlike a character in a game, I have unlimited “do-overs” since I can go back and revisit a topic in more detail.

This time around, it’s investment banking in Australiacovered very briefly in a much older article, which was based on a short conversation with a reader.

It wasn’t bad, but there’s a lot more to the topic than “It’s more laid back, natural resource deals are huge, and traditional exit opportunities are less common.”

So this time around, I sat down to speak with a reader who’s been through the recruiting process at multiple firms in Australia, and who has a good sense of regional differences there.

Here’s how it all begin:

Getting Into Finance… in Perth

2015 Investment Banking Bonus Predictions: Will the Tech Bubble or the Finance Bubble Burst First?

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2015 Investment Banking Bonus PredictionsWho doesn’t love a good bubble?

They’re always fun – until they pop.

In 2005, the “bubble trend” was 100% finance, but in 2015 it’s a split between tech startups and finance.

Many factors will influence which sectors wins, but money is near the top of the list.

So if you want to make a guess about which sector will emerge victorious, you have to know something about bonuses this year.

Let’s just say they’re moving up and to the right

Bubble, Bubble in the Air