Institutional Sales Jobs at an Independent Research Firm: The Best of the Buy-Side and the Sell-Side?

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Institutional Sales JobsWe like to categorize things.

The buy-side… the sell-side… fixed income vs. equities…

But sometimes there are roles that don’t quite fit into a pre-defined category.

One example is institutional sales at an independent research firm.

It’s not quite “equity research” because you’re not doing much modeling or report writing, though you do speak with the buy-side.

But it’s not “buy-side research” because it’s a sales role, and you’ll be spending far more time on the phone than you will in Excel.

So if you’re interested in those areas – sales, research, and the buy-side – it might just be the perfect role for you.

Here’s how our interviewee got into the industry and performs well while working far less than he would in a traditional finance role:

Getting Into Sales After Trying Everything Else First

2015 Investment Banking Bonuses: Has the Countdown to a Total Market Crash Begun?

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2015 Investment Banking BonusesOne of my favorite stand-up comedians is Chris Rock.

He’s old-school, but some of his bits are hilarious no matter how many times I watch them.

In one of my favorites, he explains the difference between men and women: men cannot go backward sexually, and women cannot go backward in lifestyle.

(WARNING: This clip is incredibly NSFW. It is also highly offensive if you’re male, female, or anything in between. Also, this is very US-specific and doesn’t apply to many other parts of the world. You’ve been warned. I know you’re going to watch it anyway.)

He gets to one of the best lines midway through the bit:

“When you lose your job, you will lose your woman. She may not leave you the day you lose it… but the countdown has begun.”

I kept thinking of that line as I was gathering data on investment banking bonuses this year.

Compensation is up and to the right… M&A activity is at a record high… and we’re approaching 2007-level bonuses… but the countdown to a market crash has begun.

And if you haven’t been hiding a rock for the past week, you’ve seen the first stages of the crash in action.

Investment Banking Bonuses: 2007 Called and Wants an Invite to the Party

Sovereign Wealth Funds in Australia: The Best Way to Break into Finance off the Beaten Path?

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Sovereign Wealth Funds in AustraliaWhat do you do when you don’t fit in?

For example, what if you have so much work experience that you really don’t want to start out as a first-year analyst at a bank?

Or what if you want to work in finance, but you don’t want to “pay your dues” in investment banking at all?

And to make things even more difficult, what if you’re in a country that also has fewer opportunities?

That’s a tough one.

But our interviewee today dealt with all of those challenges and more when he won an offer at a sovereign wealth fund (SWF) in Australia, and then moved up through the ranks there.

We have received so many requests to cover sovereign wealth funds that I’m not going to give you a bulleted list of the topics we discuss – just keep reading for your full crash course:

Breaking In: How to Skip Investment Banking