Investment Banking in Ireland: The Best Way to Advise on Pharmaceutical M&A Mega Deals?

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Investment Banking IrelandDo you believe the league tables?

In other words, if one country or industry has a lot of deal activity, does that mean there are substantial M&A deals there?

You might say, “Yes,” or, perhaps, “They’re not perfect, but the league tables are roughly correct.”

But there are always exceptions.

One big example is Ireland, where the deal lists might have you believing that the country is a hotbed for massive pharmaceutical M&A deals.

But the story on the ground is quite different since these companies are not really in Ireland – they’re headquartered there simply for tax purposes.

And actual Irish investment banks are rarely involved with these transactions.

So to get the real story on investment banking, M&A, and private equity in Ireland, I recently sat down with a reader who works in corporate finance there.

Among other topics, we delve into:

  • What the finance industry is like, including the most common deal types and industries.
  • The top firms, both local and global, and how Big 4 firms compare with investment banks.
  • The most common paths into the industry, and why accountants get so much love.
  • Similarities and differences with UK-based firms.

Breaking Into Corporate Finance in Ireland

What’s in a Real Estate Private Equity Case Study?

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Real Estate Private Equity Case StudyCan you find anything online?

With many subjects, the answer is “yes” or “almost.”

But it’s still quite difficult to find information on certain topics, one of which is real estate private equity.

You can find academic research, textbooks, and whitepapers from professors, but what about actual examples of RE PE case studies you could get in interviews?

That’s tougher.

But I want to give away for free as much as humanly possible – especially when the information is hard to find elsewhere.

So I’m going to share with you an example of a real estate private equity case study, the solution file, and the explanation for how you could finish this exercise on your own.

All you have to do is keep reading:

RE PE Case Studies 101

How to Beat the Ivy League: Why You Shouldn’t Fear Top Schools, Top Pedigrees, or “Top” Anything Else

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How to Beat the Ivy LeagueAbout a year ago, I was chatting with a new friend I had just met at an entrepreneurship/drinking event (yes, my two favorite things).

He had graduated from a Top 50 university in the US, gone to a highly ranked law school, taken a corporate law job, and then quit to accept a teaching job that involved 10-15 hours per week of “real work.”

When he found out where I went to school, he immediately asked a pointed question:

“Was it worth it?

I met quite a few students from Ivy League and similar schools at my law school, and I didn’t think there was a huge difference between them and everyone else.

It seemed like the emperor had no clothes.

I laughed and gave him my thoughts:

“Congratulations. You just saved yourself $150,000+.”

I firmly believe that if you’re ambitious, hard-working, and good at hustling, there is little reason to attend an elite university.

I also think the graduates of such schools tend to be overrated.

So if you’re not at one of these schools, this is great news because it creates new opportunities for you.

And if you are at an elite school, here’s how you can beat out your competition:

Why Does This Matter?