Investment Banking in Germany: Save More and Get Better Work Experience Than in London… Without Any Crazy Co-Workers?

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Investment Banking GermanyIf you go into investment banking, do you have to deal with crazy people?

If you’ve watched any finance-related movies or TV shows, the answer seems to be “probably.”

And if you’ve read stories online, in the comments section of this site, or on forums, the answer seems to be “always.”

But that’s not true everywhere.

If you work in the finance industry in Germany, for example, you’ll earn compensation on par with London-based bankers and save a lot more…

…and you won’t even get a printer thrown at you once.

If you know the language and you’re looking for a broader experience than in London or New York, it might just be for you.

Our reader today followed quite a “random” path to win a role at a bulge bracket bank there, which he shares below – along with the full details on recruiting and the job itself:

From Consumer Banking to… Off-Cycle Internship

General Electric’s Financial Management Program: An Insider’s Guide on How to Break In

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General Electric FMP InterviewNicolas is the founder of 300 Finance Gurus and has advised more than 100 clients on their cover letters and resumes. He also provides strategies on networking, LinkedIn and interview preparation for clients in Investment Banking, Corporate Finance and Private Equity (full bio at the bottom of this article.)

Have you ever found yourself applying for a job, but also having no idea why you’re applying?

I’ve seen it a lot.

Sometimes, if the company is seriously understaffed and needs people ASAP, you can get away with it.

But you really can’t get away with it when you apply for corporate finance rotational programs, such as GE’s Financial Management Program.

Unlike banks, which largely have the same set of “values” (make money!), normal companies have different values and cultures… and they prefer different candidates.

You can learn the process of applying for a job perfectly, but if you’re not the right person for the role, none of that matters.

In Part 1 of this series, we looked at what it’s like on the job in the GE Financial Management Program, including pay and exit opportunities.

In Part 2 today, you’ll discover how to break in, including:

  • What the “perfect candidate” for FMP roles looks like, and how to figure out if it’s for you.
  • What the recruiting process looks like, and why assessment centers are even more critical than in IB interviews.
  • Why making corporate finance your “Plan B” if banking doesn’t work out is a recipe for disaster.
  • Insider information on the recruiting process from someone who went through the whole thing successfully (me!).

These tips are intended for the Financial Management Program at GE, but the criteria and the process are very similar for corporate finance graduate programs at other F500 companies.

So if you’re interested in corporate finance at Apple, Exxon Mobil, Wal-Mart, or any other company that size, here’s what you need to know:

Why Financial Modeling Training is Broken – and How to Fix It and Learn More Than a 15-Year Managing Director

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Financial Modeling Training BrokenLet’s cut to the chase: the best financial modeling course ever created is almost complete.

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What’s the Bad News?